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    Hello fellow cutters,
    As you all know gas prices are getting out of hand. Im wondering has anyone raised their prices from their existing customers? Do you think its a good idea? If you have what do you recommend raising prices to. My lowest account is $60 and highest is $175 per month. Please give me your suggestions. Thank you
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    Your post says 60 and 175 per month! To me this seems very low! Now if you ment per week that seems pretty good. IMO gas is expensive, but when you concider how much you use per yard it really dosn't amount to much if the price of gas goes up. On average I can mow a small yard and it dosn't even take a gallon of gas, and would charge 35-40 for it. I wouldn't go up on my price unless I thought that they would pay for it no question. If I know I can get more out of them $5, I would try, but I would not jepordize losing them for $5 either.

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    Don't feel too bad, but this isn't the first time fuel's been over 3, obviously if it's a concern it would appear to indicate your prices are either too low or fail to compensate for a minor increase... We're only talking 30-40 cents / gallon here, this might be a good time to look into hypermiling and other fuel saving techniques, but the prices and the quotes have to absorb such minor issues first and without much further ado.

    I try to price jobs with some room to spare for inconsistencies and things that will get in the way, I call it elbow room, don't tie your hands too tight or then any minor issue and you're stuck with that problem...

    Good luck

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