Gasket vs Solvent Weld PVC - When do you change?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by zman9119, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. zman9119

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    It would be a DitchWitch RT115, 115hp, with 4 way steering (so you can go straight, make normal curves, or crab walk).

    Going to be a huge bullet and grip though.
  2. 1idejim

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    The plow used here doesn't pull, but places instead.

    How far apart are your pull holes? When PKS/PKP plowed fiber here, they had pull holes every 2-300 ft. Some areas were closer, some further apart.
  3. AI Inc

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    Yes when pulling large pipe , much easier to start in a hole then trying to force a blade into the ground.
  4. 1idejim

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    You're lucky Zman, this job will be an experience. I'm anxious to see the pics and hear your views.
  5. zman9119

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    The goal is every 300' dependent on the terrain, as we are installing quick coupler valves every 300' so its just logical to open up there with the trencher or backhoe so we have some room to work, but that is really the only best way of starting with pipe this large is to have an open trench with your blade at full depth before you even enter the soil.

    It will be a new experience for the company in general as they have not really installed anything larger than 1.5" but we do repairs on sites that have up to 3" all the time (I just took over this spring here). Sadly not really a new experience for me though coming from the golf course construction field (I got out at the right time about 6 years ago right before everything tanked and moved to res\com work).

    Should be a fun job in general, along with all the other work we have in line for this fall. Only concern from my viewpoint on this one is some of the turns \ sweeps we have to make are going to put us extremely close to the safe plowing \ pulling radius of this size of pipe, but hopefully with the RT115 ability to crab and offset and tilt the plow blade we should be able to make it happen.
  6. Irrigation Contractor

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    Like TX said and I agree, no worries on gluing 3" PVC mainline and even 4" for that matter as long as the GPM is kept well within limits. We have a project with well over 10,000' of 3" in the ground in various phases that we continue to install. (Obviously not one system) Mains that have been in the ground for almost 4 years have not caused any problems. We are only pushing 120 - 180 gallons per minute and used the 3" for pressure loss factors.

    Primer and Christy's is what we use also, and quality solvent welds are key.

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