Gasoline at Sam's Club?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mow Money Lawn Care, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Yes and no. Consumer Reports did an article a while back on this. Gas is gas - until it's loaded in the tanker trucks, where brands have their own additive packages added. Their individual additive packages are what makes gas "branded". So there is some difference between between brands, but only in the additives they blend in. All gas must meet a minimum standard. Can't recall much more of the specifics of the article, but the gist was buy from a trusted retailer who sells lots of gas so you're less likely to have old, stale gas or gas that has been compromised by bad underground storage tanks.

    If you have a station that's convenient, competitively priced, you'll have to weigh the cost of driving further to justify a few pennies difference. So lets do the math. If we get 30 gallons of gas, a 2 cent difference is just 60 cents. 60 cents is about 1/5 of a gallon. At 10 mpg, driving about a mile furthe, then back, (2 miles total) would be the break even. Farther than that, it costs you more than your saving.
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    True, but the cost of fuel isn't the only cost in driving your vehicle, so, basically, unless you are driving right by a cheaper fuel source, or there is a substantial difference in price, it makes no sense to drive any distance at all to "save" money. Kind of the same principle as buying a mower from a dealer 30 miles away to save a few hundred bucks, then having to make muliple 60 mile round trips for warranty work.
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    Ok so than how do you know what your getting. You think BP is the best? You don't think BP stores gas in shity storage units. It's all about profit they don't care what you get. Also consumer reports is not always right, they have been pumping out articles for years for profit and you don't think there cozy with specific brands. IT's called BIASED REPORTING, it happens everywhere and unfortunately it can't be stopped:nono:
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    I use sams club gas 90% of the time and racked over 50k miles on it with no problems. Id use Smiths the grocery store gas more if i could as they are even cheaper than sams and you get points towards gas when you shop there for groceries. With gas prices rising due to all the unrest in north Africa and the middle east we are going to be pumping more $ into our tanks for sure.
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    I thought about buying an auxiliary fuel tank for the bed of my truck. But I can't justify the cost of one. They range from $300 to $1100 and even higher I'm sure. I'm sure in the long run if the fluctuation continues it could be worth it. Anyone have one of these?
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    The one post is 100% correct we have several Major refineries where I live and I have know several tanker drivers over the years. All gas is the same, only at the end is certain additives added to make it BP,Valero, Shell, or Exxon. Some is only a few onces others might be up to 2 gallons but thats it.
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    Unless you have access to the Phillips 66 stations that are selling NON ethanol mixes here which will give you better fuel mileage.
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    I've been using BJ's gas since my '05 silverado was brand new. Have always used 87 octane and never had any problems. Truck will turn 110,000 miles some time next month.
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    Consumer Reports has no advertising, accepts no advertising revenue, and does not allow its findings to be used in any advertising. It is funded by its members.

    They have absolutely no reason to be cozy with any specific brand, or to bias their reporting one way or another.
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    A lot of the gas and diesel are different. Before I retired we would burn fuel from one company and then in winter from another. All was put in our tanks. The summer mix caused trouble all the time. Dozers and Loco would loose power. We changed fuel filters all the time. Then we would go to Country Mark in the winter. Never any trouble. Never changed filters all winter. The dealer told me CO-OP, Sunoco and Marathon all had the same diesel.
    When we were showing horses in 6 different states we bought fuel from certain stations. Never had spark nock. And some stations did. And this was the same in all 6 states.
    When pulling my camper now we bought diesel from Pilot, Loves and BP while on the road. Again in many different states. Never any trouble. Fuel filter was always clean just looked wet. Then I started to buy local from a different source. Went to change fuel filter and it was black just like used oil. Stopped buying from them and it cleared right up. And the same transport company delivered to both. But they haul from different terminals.
    He told me the other day most of them now buy it where it is the cheapest. Local they can get it from Evansville, Oakland City and Country Mark in In. and Robinson Ill.
    I do know every now and then it smells like old gas or paint thinner at one station when fueling up. So I quit using them. Been using one station now for a while and no trouble.

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