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  1. Dorian Gilbert

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    Good day, I own the 42" Fast Trak SD and enjoying the season, fantastic results cutting. Have read different opinions concerning the fuel octane being used. I have been using 89 and read using 91 is better for the Kawasaki FX600V engine. Every other fill I use a little Lucas fuel cleaner and lubricator that I use on my cars, seems to keep everything in the system clean and running smooth. What are some opinions from the
    hustler board?
  2. hustlermidwest

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    When it comes to the engines and what's best from them, Hustler Turf and most equipment manufacturers we leave the thumbs up or thumbs down to the engine manufacture. If we knew better we would have our own engine. I would stay away from as fuels that are heavy in additives.

    Brian O
  3. mike haynes

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    i only use rec90 fuel,NO ETHANOL
    go out to martin county petroleum in palm city and get some.also only use that with my 2 cycle stuff
  4. LR3 Guy

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    Ethanol is bad news . I avoid it like the plague !
    The local Stihl shop reckon it's caused the destruction of a lot of power equipment . I run all gas engines on the highest octane ( 98RON here ) .
    With regard to DG's question , I've added moisture sequester to gas and diesel engines that have limited use-time . It's humid here in the summer , and sometimes not possible to use equipment for a month or more during a cyclone-wet . The cars gas tanks are vapour-sealed , but not the garden toys ;-)
  5. soooie

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    Better get used to ethanol. It is here to stay. Dodging ethanol is like running from your shadow. Before Insane Husane leaves office you won’t be able to find anything but ethanol.

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