Gasoline vs. Propane vs. Diesel Fuel

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by Armsden&Son, Feb 27, 2014.

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    I think that is a little of a rip off. 3k for the push mower and handhelds is WAY over priced. Now if it was a grand and was self propelled, then it would be a better deal. If say Exmark made something like that it would probably be less. Give it a few years and batteries will be cheaper.

    Seems like you have a productive setup. BTW, I read you thread and you have some nice equipment. There is NO way you could even use electric mowers because you gut huge properties!! My favorite is the diesel mowers. There a great alternative to gas because they last longer, pollute less and while they do cost more to fill up, they go farther. My least favorite was the fords... :laugh: JK, they look cool!! You got everything except a new body style 2011 or up!! :laugh:
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    Speaking of alternative fuels a little off topic but does anyone run a wood boiler to heat their shop? Taking a serious look at them for our new shop.
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    I seen a new Gravely propane in action it was tuff out cut the 460 but seem dangerous to me with 2 tanks beside you and a possible leak then static or electrical spark boom.

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