Gated Communities- the uses of large mowers vs push mowers.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by shortgrass01, Sep 18, 2006.

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    I have heard here in Aiken SC, that some of the well off home owners do not allow heavy mowers on there lawns. Push mowers only! Im an Ex- Golf course superintendent and knows the ropes of gated communities, and the look of there lawns. I know the importance of Striping. Have any of yall had any experience in dealing with home owners and there request of using smaller push mowers??? Never used a mower like a 36 WB before. Is it possible to stripe lawn with it?

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    Mowing with a 21" will give you the best cut everytime. I doubt anyone can dispute that. Using larger mowers is for the lco's to go faster, not to give a better cut. Of course, the prices are driving the ever faster mowers...

    In my opinion, that community is a wise bunch, as are many older clients and some young ones, and they are right on the money. Just charge them more for that type of premium service. Mowing with a 21" always draws praise from most of my clients.
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    If the price was right I would cut their yard with scissors.

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    Are you talking 21" or just a W/B. You can stripe with any mower. Most do not want riders on their lawn because most yahoos will tear the grass all to heck and the homeowners know it.
    Most 36" or 44" 48" w/b will give a great cut and can leave a fine product,
    As far as the importance of striping-- Most LCOs get a bigger kick out of it than homeowners do. :laugh:

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