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    Well, im not sure if this is the right section or not, but I have a question for the people who install gates...

    Ive done a few and they've turned out good, simple enough to do.

    But im not sure if im charging right to do them, ive only installed about 2... and someone else wants an 4x8ft chainlink put up, and then a 7x9 ft wood gate put up in a different area...

    my question is, how much would you charge for something like this?
    I dont want to be a lowballer gate guy. I want to get what I can. I did a 4x6 chainlink and charged him $150 labor + materials, took about an hour. went their, drilled out the hole for the posts, and then just measured and hooked up hinge to hinge. was that too much? or not enough?

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