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    First of all what is the TrimStar I have seen mentioned.

    Re: the Gatestar. This mower will be 48" & have 4 blades & flip to 34"?

    Will there be a mulch kit avail. that baffles all 4 chambers? I do not see it discharging well.

    Will the deck be deep enough to make a 12" cutting chambers an effective mulcher if this kit is avail.?

    What hp engines will be avail?

    What is the lenght of the unit flipped up (for trailering considerations).

    How long will flipping the unit up & down take & how labor intensive is the procedure (effort)?

    Is this a floating or fixed deck & do you see scalping issues on unneven terrain, cutting at 2.5" vs a standard floating deck?

    How big is the trim side & what size tires are on the unit?

    Thank You.
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    I will try to address all your questions. But first, keep in mind that the TrimStar/GateStar will be available in December of this year. Some of this is still preliminary information and as such may change somewhat.

    The Hustler TrimStar™ line of hydro walkbehinds will be the most compact commercial walk-behinds on the market. Major selling points for the TrimStar include: compact size, quality of cut, trimming capability (especially the 48”), and competitive price. Other selling points are: hydrostatic drive, floating deck with easy to change cutting height adjustment, and our patented H-Bar Steering™.

    The TrimStar and GateStar will be available in both H-Bar Steering and pistol-grip steering.

    The TrimStar will be available in either 36" or 48" cutting widths. Both will feature 12.5" blades with blade tip speed of over 18,000 fpm.

    Yes, the GateStar is a 48" machine in which the deck flips up to fit thru a 34" opening.

    Yes, a mulch kit will be available as well as deck-mounted catchers.

    These machines are designed for fine-cut applications. Mulching and discharge will be suitable for those applications. If you need higher-capacity mowing, we make our regular hydro walk-behinds.

    Engines: 15 hp Kawasaki w/36" deck and 17 Kawi w/48" deck

    Length of GateStar in up or down configuration is 70"

    The flipping process is aided by a gas cylinder and is very smooth and easy. Takes about 10 to 20 seconds.

    TrimStar and GateStar decks are floating decks. Anti-scalp wheels are standard. With the left side of the 48" decks there will be a full 14" of trim capacity. Of course, this will mean more opportunity to scalp so, you will have to choose what is more important in your applications – trimming reach or scalping possibilities.

    Even the 36" deck provides 2" of trim.

    Drive tires are 16 x 6.50-8 (GateStar is 18 x 6.50-8). Caster tires are 9 x 3.50 - 4 pneumatic.

    I hope that covers it. We are excited to get these new hydro walk-behinds on the market. There will be a pilot run this Fall and they can be see and test-driven at OPEI EXPO and GIE EXPO in October and November.

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    Thank You,

    Will the mulch kit baffle all 4 chambers on the 48" & all 3 on the 36"?

    So the TrimStar 36" is different from your regular 36" in that it has 3 blades & a 2" trim side? What size is the footprint & or total lenght of the 36"TrimStar?

    Also I take it from the quote above that these units will not handle spring growth well but will do fine in normal conditions.
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    As far as I know at this time. mulch kits will enclose all blades individually whether 3 blades of 4.

    I do not know the length on the 36" machine yet. In fact the length wall vary some from H-Bar to pistol grip steering. As there are no prototypes finished yet, dimensions are tentative.

    They will handle Spring growth very well if you keep up with it. However, if the grass gets away from you you may need to double cut. I was referring to your questions and thought you were talking about rougher-type cutting such as parks, etc. These machines are really designed to be fine-cut trim mowers for very-well maintained turf.
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    This may have been covered before, but is there a MSRP on the GateStar yet?

    I really like the fact that it flips up to a 34" width.
    I have a few gates that are just an inch or so shy of 36" and my 36" WB won't fit through.

    Looking forward to demoing one!
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    Target price is $4500.00. Now, don't quote me on that...

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