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Gateway Mowers

Big M LawnnSnow

LawnSite Member
Belle Mead
I'm thinking about a new Gateway mower.
Does anybody have one in use now?
Hows the price tag on this mower?
Any info will be appreicated.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Atlanta, GA
Great idea for a mower, not so sure about the execution.

-why no paddle lever type steering option?
- does the extreme overhang to one side cause problems turning?
- can you mow with the wing up? Sometimes it's more than gates that are the problem, it's narrow strips of grass.
- with a folded width of OVER 36" that kind of kills the reason for getting it in the first place if you have many 36" gates.
- 3rd front wheel might cause striping problems?

Perhaps a removeable wing that can be put on/off quickly with a shroud to allow you to mow with the 36" part that's left would be a better idea. Might even allow for a floating deck type height adjustment.