gator blade? or "wavy" blade?

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  1. tallcoopscoach

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    I am wanting to put a mulch kit on my deck by spring and I've been told the gator blade is the best mulching blade. The dealer I bought my mower from, however, is trying to sell me "wavy" blades with my mulch kit. Which should I get? I don't want clogging and I can discharge with gator blades rather than put the steel in front of the discharge deck.
    Thanks for any help.
  2. mowerconsultant

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    They both work great, depending on your cutting conditions one may work better than the other, that is why we offer both.
    I would go with what your dealer recommends, he knows what is working well in your area.
  3. RGM

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    I like the gator blades they seem to be a bit heavier then regular blades hold an edge a bit longer but the wavy blades work better if you put the mulch kit on they give better lift

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