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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RippinV, May 10, 2002.

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    I bought a used BobCat (Ransomes) 48" 12 1/2 HP walk behind commercial mower about a month ago. The guy gave me three sets of blades and the metal clipping cage. I never use the cage as I like to just send the clippings back into the soil. Right now I have the standard blades that came on the mower. They look like single cut, regular, blades. One set of blades that he gave me look like the Gator Blades everyone talks about here. They are brand new, never been used at all. I am cutting 1/2 acre of mix KentBlu, Rye, Fescue and like the stripes the Ramsome leaves!! Wondering if the Gators will improve the mulchings and striping and if their is anything special I need to do when I put them on? Also, is the mower powerful enough to run Gators? I am a bit of a finatic and mow every 3 or 4 days...

    Thanks for your help.

  2. 65hoss

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    As far as the motor, I would say your on the low side for a 48". Not that it doesn't work, but 12.5hp is not much with 3 blades turning. Are you sure its not the 14hp. My 14 looks a lot like my 12.5. Anyway, nothing special to do, just put on and tighten up. They will make the clippings tear up into smaller pieces. They do a nice job for me when I use them. They really make a difference on my 48" w/b.
  3. RB

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    I had a Ransomes Bobcat 48" w/12.5 kaw. Great mower. I bought it used then sold it after a couple years. It was the best stripping mower I've ever owned. And if it is the bobcat w/pos-drive belt drive -- it's even better!

    Great mower.

    I used gator blades and it stripped great.
  4. ohiolawnguy

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    the gator blades will help to mulch up the clippings better. as far as the 12.5 kaw. situation goes, Bobcats mainstay engine on 48" walk behinds was the 12.5 kawasaki for many years.(which we used to own 3 of for many seasons of use) they only changed that when they went from the variable speed transmission to the peerless 5 speed transmisson with reverse.

    nowadays, the main engine on a bobcat 48" w/b belt drive is a 14hp kawasaki, although one of ours has a 17hp kawasaki on it.(probably a leftover engine originally intended for a hydro, or 61" belt drive model-because we only paid $50 more for it than a 14hp)
  5. perfection lawn care

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    My first WB was the same mower you have w/12.5hp Kaw. I have always ran gators on it and it did a good job.

    The lack of power was the only draw back to the mower, and that was probaly due to pulling me around on a velke, and if the grass got high or was wet.

    I sunk a little bit of cash into it over the winter and now have it as my back up unit, I recently purchased a excellant used SCAG 48"WB w/hydro. There is no comparsion to a hydro over a belt driven.

    But I always Know that the ransome is on the trailer and more than willing and capable of do the job.

    So yes you can run the gators on your unit, you just might have to slow down a little from time to time.
  6. TLS

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    Might want to try Gator MAGNUMS, or Gator HI-LIFTS. Any other Gator type has no lift and will not cut the grass well.

    I save Gators for fall leaf mulching.

    I use solid foil High lifts on all mowers. Suction is VERY important!

    That 12.5hp is a flathead design, and has almost as much torque as their 14hp. It was the commercial WB's staple engine for over a decade!

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