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    WALKERMOW LawnSite Member
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    hey guys just wanted to know if any of ya'll (alabama accent)use gator blade and if so what do you think.
    i ordered a set for my 72" grasshopper cannot wait to try them...FYI check out great site with online ordering and a pretty good selection of stuff..

    hope ya'll have a great weekend!!
  2. MWHC

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    I bought a set for my Toro 37" walk behind. I kinda thought they sucked. The stuff that they mulched up was great but they leave a lot uncut. I think the blades Toro sent with the machine are better.
  3. Guido

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    Hey Rusty!

    I haven't used them myself, but I know a lot of the guys here swear by them. If you do a search for blade I'm sure you'll find an unreal ammount of info on this subject. I'm sure Eric will jump in here and point you in the right direction! Well I'm fixin to go get me some shut-eye over yonder. ( I forgot who Fits and who Fixes, I think Alabama Fixes if I'm not mistaken. I've meet to many fascinating Southerners to remember!)


    WALKERMOW LawnSite Member
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    hey guido here in bama it's FIXIN to get some shut eye..
    thanx for the reply
    shut eye in the middle of the day??

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  5. Charles

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    They do leave too much uncut. The yard does not look as smooth as the high lift blades. Get the gator magnums and let us know how they work. Now if you use the gators and cut inward. You have less clippings. But a frazzled looking yard. Jagged looking. I believe they are really just made for leaves. But the gator magnums may work. But they are expensive to me just for the measley money made mowing
  6. Acute Cut

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    I just recently bought a set for my 52" hydro Exmark wb. I tried the doubling up method mentioned by eric. It seems that what is discharged is smaller, but the cut IS more ragged. I am using a set of high lift blades on top of my gators now. It seems to be working well. The real test will be to see what happens when it rains.

    One other thing i have noticed for sure, my regular blades need sharpening daily, but the gators can go all week if i am able to bypass the usual boulder and brick. Different metal? No idea, but the blades speak for them selves.
  7. cutntrim

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    We run gators on our 21"s, our 36" WB's, our 54" WB, and our Z-Master 52". When you don't bag there are advantages to having fewer clippings discharged, but having said that the grass is growing so fast here in the rainy North that we're spewing out tons of clippings no matter what.

    Gators don't cut as clean as high lifts on their own, but when doubled with high lifts they cut nicely.
  8. Eric ELM

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    Cutntrim, I agree with you totaly. The reason I like the Gator as a second blade on each spindle is that is doesn't put as much drag on the motor. 2 Gators on each spindle don't do much, so I would think just one would not be good either. It's been so long since I used just 1 blade on a spindle, I don't even know how a lawn would look cut that way. :) Oh, now I remember, it looks like my competitors lawns and some look nasty with all those clippings all over the lawns.
  9. geogunn

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    I'm with charles--gave up my gators for the high lifts. didn't know about high lifts until I read about them on this forum! stupid me.

    I did the double blades (gator and high lift) on leaves last year and I was impressed. in tall grass this year, however, the ole 14 hp kaw just wouldn't cut it. (no pun intended) still cuts great however with one blade, especially the high lift.

    unfortunately, however, during dry conditions, with the high lifts, I have trouble seeing where I'm going in the dust and when I blow my nose.... don't go there!


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  10. excel25

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    Been using Gators for a couple of years, work great with the dbl. blade set up. The new blades from Grasshopper are MUCH better at discharging grass than the old ones.They have a u shaped notch on the back side , works great with dbl. with gator.

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