Gator Blades better for bagging?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lean_Mean_Green_Machine, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Lean_Mean_Green_Machine

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    I help my father mow grass, and I use a 24" commercial-grade walk behind that can be converted between side discharge, mulching, and bagging very easily. I was just wondering if the gator blade that's on it makes bagging more efficient or if it doesn't have enough suction into the chute.
  2. Darryl G

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    Well, it depends what kind of blade is on there for one. The standard gator blades mulch very nice, especially for leaves...they chop them up pretty good. The problem is that they don't have much lift, so they don't discharge/bag well and don't tend to cut all that well because without lift you don't have suction. They also make a high lift gator blade which will do better bagging...that's what I run on my Lazer. I recently picked up some gator G-6 blades for my walk behind and they cut and discharge very well and I imagine would bag well too (I don't bag with that machine often). But the down side is that the more lift you have, the more blowout you tend to get from under the deck.
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    Darryl is right, another thing that you might check out (I not know witch mower you are talking about). Look at the blade that is on there now. Some smaller high end/commercial units are nothing more than a larger motor with a special high lift blade configuration. So the blade you have may be doing all it can to improve the cut for the mulching/bagging/shoot set up. Gators can be found with some wavy extra lift. And then you might be ok with the gator teeth chopping up the grass and leaves better. But in some cases the gator is just not suited for a deck that is desired for a unique blade design. I have seen this a few time with other guys that just hate gators, but when you look into what it replace. Many times the deck and the original blade are about the only thing that works well. This could well be your situation..

    Good luck do some exploration before you spend the money to fine we gave you dad advice.
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    I'm positive he's talking about a push mower. A G6 blades isn't going to work. Go to Walmart or Lowes and see what they have in stock.
  5. Lean_Mean_Green_Machine

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    This is only a 22" push mower with a single blade configuration.. Nothing too special. I was wondeeing if a higher rise gator blade would increase efficiency by keeping the clippings smaller and compacted
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