Gator blades...whats the trick???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassman50, Nov 5, 2001.

  1. grassman50

    grassman50 Banned
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    Hi, i just bought some gator mulching blades for my 61 inch husqvarna ztr and I am not that satisfied. They help alittle but not like i wanted. They still dont mulch the leaves very well. Would it help if I closed off the deck to keep everything inside, cause i am discharging right now. What is the best method to mulch leaves?
  2. LoneStarLawn

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    Usually when you mulch leaves the discharge shoot needs to be blocked. Otherwise the leaves do not get a chance to recirculate to get cut again.

    HOWARD JONES LawnSite Member
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    I just had the same experience with my Toro - was discharging the leaves too fast. I fabricated a temporary block for the discharge and it did make a big difference - I'm getting probably 85 percent mulching now, will still try some more different things, like double gators. When you block the discharge, you will probably get some blowout from the front of the deck - might do a search to see what others have done to reduce blowout.
  4. edward hedrick

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    Put the chute down that adds resistance that helps. I am using a
    double a Stens Raptor on bottom and Stens Gator on top. I am also using a left baffle from a Husq 60 rider on my Scag Sthm
    works great.
  5. jnjnlc

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    Two words. Double Blades. I think Eric will concur. I run straights on bottom and gators on top. I will bet that double gators would just tear up every thing though.
  6. Diesel

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    double blades. dry grass or leaves. fine powder. Gators on top high lift on bottom.
  7. grassman50

    grassman50 Banned
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    Does the engine work harder with double blades?? How do i rig the double blades? High lift on the bottom and gators on top? just put them on top of each other like an X.?? oR doesnt it matter.
  8. Eric ELM

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    If you want to learn more about doubles, go to my website and click on double blades. is the url

    HOWARD JONES LawnSite Member
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    Sorry to disagree with you guys, but doubles (medium lift on bottom and gators on top) did NOT do the trick on my SFS deck Toro with discharge open. Blocking the discharge had much more effect.

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