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    I would like to make a comment on the gator blades. For one I could not find the gator blades for my 44" Fastrack in the area. After reading someones post about getting the size of the mulching blades for my mower. I went to ASC farm store and found one that shows on paper is 1/8" smaller. I figured I would try it. When I got home compaired it to the muching blades that came with the kit. It is the same size. Now the blades are red (toreo gators).
    I cut the grass yesterday and all I can say is awsome! I am in NC and we are now getting heavy rain. My grass is mixture of different types. I have in the past had problems with the Baja grass. That took two cuts to get it to look nice. I cut the grass (somewhat wet) at near full speed. The cut was great! This has been the cut I have been looking for with the speed I want. I am now going to order the blades that are for my mower. I hope this helps anyone that has been looking. I am not comm mower. Just a home owner that has to cut the grass when he gets a chance (tall and or wet).


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