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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Squirter, Oct 12, 2007.

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    I just bought a new set of Gator Mulching Blades for my John Deere 42" deck and when I took them out of the box to install, the cutting edges appeared to be dull. They looked like they were coated and the edge was very smooth.

    From my experience with lawn mower blades, I have always kept a fairly sharp edge on them. I suppose if I tried, I could probably cut my finger handling the blades if I wasn't careful. These brand new Gator Blades wouldn't cut a good F**T. Any thoughts???????????

    After using them, they did a fairly decent job mowing....but nothing to write home about. As for mulching the leaves....not too terribly impressive.
  2. Juan_Deere

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    There is no reason to put a razor sharp edge on a mower blade. It disappears within minutes, if not seconds, of mowing.
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    Is your set of Gators sharpened almost to the middle of the blade? The cutting edge works much better if it is sharpened to almost 2" of center. The last set I received I had to extend the cutting edge because it was very short. I also dressed the edge up, as the factory edge was not very sharp. It was not much sharper than my blades when I take the off to sharpen.

    The purpose of the teeth is to throw the clipping back into the blade to be recut. If the center is not sharp it is not going to cut. And yes when I remove the Gators a good portion of the edge is cutting.

    I have purchased 3 sets of blades with the same part number at various times and every set was made differently.

    If you are really energetic check out my thread on sharpening the teeth it works better yet.

    Note: these photos were taken before I extended and sharpened the edge.
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    "Squirter?" "Juan Deere?" Cool names....Made me spew water!

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