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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Jordanfan20, May 30, 2008.

  1. Jordanfan20

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    I was sharpening my blades yesturday and I saw one of my blades was bent. This is the first time I will have to replace my blades, as far as I know its just a normal blade. I'm thinking about looking into gator blades, but I'm interested to know weather they are any better or if theres better blades than that. If you can provide some help Thanks!
  2. billslawn89

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    when i did lawns up north, i used gator blades once the grass started to slow down, like mid june to end of season...they worked great for me, but in spring time with moist grass, don't work that great, just clogs up the bagger.
  3. Jordanfan20

    Jordanfan20 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks really appreciate the help

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    gator blades work for me and a lot of guys around here have them or are getting them
  5. bohiaa

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    it's one of those things that some love them and some hate them.....

    also depending on what ya cut and such...

    Personaly I hate them.....

    get ya some and post your results
  6. SunSwept

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    In the spring, I use high-lift blades because I want to suck most everything off of the ground and chop it to bits with the blades. Leaves, loose thatch, etc. Not only do I cut the grass, it gets a good vacuuming too!


    When it gets dry, all of that 'sucking' that the high-lift blades do also sucks dirt and dust and suddenly you can't see or breath from the cloud that surrounds you! That is when I switch to Gators.

    Personnally, I am not sure that they do a better job of mulching but I do know that they don't lift as much off the ground and that not only includes dirt and dust but the grass too so the cut is different. Gators are also very good when the grass doesn't grow as much and you are only taking off about 3/4 inch or so.

    If you use Gators, make sure that they are REALLY SHARP since you don't get as much lift with them.
  7. Grass Happens

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    gator blades don't work all that well on a ZTR as opposed to a walk-behind due to the mower moving so much faster, the winglets don't have as much time to recirculate the cuttings and re-cut them. On blue grass i tend to only use them later season. However right now i have the OEM bobcat mulch kit blades (i don't mulch) on my mower, and its cutting just as nice as with standered hi-lifts. I have no idea how or why they got put on, but...

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