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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by caterpa, May 22, 2002.

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    I just bought a fastrak 20/52 today and have some questions on the blades.

    Am I going to be happy with the blades that are on it? I don't want to have to have a buch of wiindrows of grass every time I mow.

    Should I buy the gator blades or mulching kit or what? My dealer is new to the hustler line and didn't know much about the gator blades so he couldn't recommend them. I don't really like to bag.

    The dealer also said that this one will stripe nice, why would that be as comperd to other competitors?

    Thanks for any replies in advance.

  2. mowerconsultant

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    In most cutting conditions the FasTrak will cut great.
    In tall overgrown grass areas it will still cut well but may clump do to not being able to get the grass out of the deck fast enough.
    In this case I would suggest cutting at a higher hieght and then making a second pass.
    As for the striping capabilities of the FasTrak, this unit has a very awesome deck design and with the airflow generated from the 42 degree sail blades under the deck, leaves a excellent "stripe" when passing over the grass.
  3. Doc Pete

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    Most of the guy's I know find the gator works mainly with longer stronger dry grass. And then, they really just cut the longer pieces smaller so they don't show so much on the lawn. FWIW, the Hustler blades are much harder and hold an edge far better than a gator blade and most other brands, too. You can feel the difference when you sharpen them, they grind very slow. IMO, if you are looking for a great cut, you should try a double set of Hustler high lift blades. I'm using them on my 54" WB, and they make a normal cut look like you just bagged the lawn, even when wet. The stripping is also markly better. If you try a double set, make sure to raise your cut height by 1/4", to make up for the second blade sitting lower. As an added precaution, I'd also go for 1/4" longer mounting bolts, too. Remember those bolts are Grade 5, or you can use grade 8, but not standard grade.

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