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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Larry Davis, Jun 3, 2002.

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    I have a Lazer Z HP, 21 hp Kaw, 48"deck and mow approximately 3 1/2 acres of mostly fescue type grasss. I use eXmark's standard blades except during the fall leaf drop at which time I switch to your mulch kit and the blades that come with it. I keep extra sets of each type of blade and change them often. The sets that come off are then professionally sharpened by my local eXmark dealer. For a long time now I have accepted the fact that after each mowing I MUST scrape the deck. The build-up does not happen as fast or is as extensive as I have experienced on previous mowers and lawn tractors, but I certainly cannot mow again without scraping. I use sharp blades, use Mo-Deck after every scraping and mow every five days. Here is my question: Last week I ran into a local commercial guy with nothing but eXmark equipment; Lazer Z, Turf Tracer, etc. He said he NEVER gets underdeck build-up and credits this to his use of Gator blades. He does not run double blades, just single Gators. Does this sound reasonable to you? I know many commercial guys use Gators, but never say it is because they prevent build-up. Just wanted to hear your thoughts before I spend the money to try them out.
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    One thing I learned a long time ago is that anything is possible with a lawnmower. Some things may not be probable but possible just the same.

    Here are my thoughts on grass sticking. First if grass is wet enough it's going to stick. The only question is how much. If grass is dry, it may not be that much of an issue. Some lawns are healthier than others, some are irrigated, some have good shade, and others have none. All these and many others will effect how much the grass is going to stick. If youÂ’ve got a healthy, well fertilized irrigated lawn you will see more grass sticking than someone else might.

    In regards to the Gator's..............I'd be surprised if there is a significant difference. In wet conditions this blade "should" increase the amount of grass that's going to stick to the deck (based on numerous customer reports). In dry conditions it's may very well be possible.

    If your packing your deck excessively and the lawns are not wet, lush or in a "spring" like condition there are probably some things that can be done to reduce it. First increase your ground speed. More often than not when a homeowner calls me and is having a problem with deck plugging and it's not spring the cause is ground speed. These decks are designed to cut a lot of grass fast with a professional cut. When you go to slow sometimes they will allow more grass to stick than is desired. The solution is to cut a little faster. Fred just got back from looking at a unit in central Nebraska that was plugging. The cause was simply slow ground speed.

    Second, if the deck has a negative pitch or rake (front of deck is cutting higher than the rear) it can cause the deck to plug excessively.

    Try the Gator's if you like. If they help by all means let us know or post it here for everyone to see. If there's a non-Exmark blade that will help you or others it only makes sense for us to help pass that information along.



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