Gator Blades?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Best Cuts, Sep 8, 2002.

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    How well do Gator blades work on the 60" walk behind?? Im mostly concerned with spring cuts, Bluegrass & Fescue in the St. Louis MO area. I have heard that they don't lift well enough to give the same quality cut. What do you think???
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    Best Cuts,

    I'm not a huge supporter of after market blades. The "gator" or similar designs may work fine in certain conditions but in the spring may not be one of them. They may also not be well suited for wet, lush or other damp conditions as well, at least on our deck.

    I'm sure you'll see a few post if you do a search of the general forum and consistently most cutters tell us this blade can make the deck real dirty real fast and requires you to scrape the deck often.

    Like I said there are some conditions where they perform fine but I would not recommend them for wet, damp or lust conditions with the Exmark deck.



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