Gator for JD M665??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jdjoe_97, Nov 8, 2001.

  1. jdjoe_97

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    Hey guys. I am having trouble finding out if Gator makes blades for the M665 Deere. I have looked on the internet and nothing so far mentioned with this part # M128485 OEM. So I am hoping that perhaps some of you run the M665's and may know if Gator has made one of those lovely beasts for the wicked bowed design deere uses. Thank so much for any help!
  2. Mowingman

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    Gator blades are not avail. for the JD M665 according to my dealer. I last tried to get them in mid summer, just before I forced the dealer to buy back my M665 piece of junk. Worst designed ztr I have ever owned or operated! Good luck with yours,LOL.
  3. Flex-Deck

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    Why does John Deere wait 15-20 years to jump into markets that everyone else has been perfecting over that time - M665 - Wow - people have been making that type of mower for 30 years, and now we are going to get into it?
  4. lee b

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    What was wrong with your m665, Mowingman? Mine has 300 hard hours on it and no problems at all. Dixie Chopper owner told me that my m665 cut bahia grass better and faster than his chopper could, and I paid alot less for my mower than he paid for his. We also compared cut quality and could not tell any noticeable difference. I can't find any gator blades [ or any other manufactorers blades] to fit it, that's the biggest problem I've found.:D
  5. Mowingman

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    from Texas
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    Some of the problems are as follows:
    Belt sheaves for main belt at rear of machine are poorly protected. If machine bottoms out at rear, sheave hits ground and pto belt comes off.
    When pto belt comes off, it is pulled under the bottom of the sheave on the center deck spindle. Belt can not be easily removed from there, because bolts holding spindle assembly to deck prevent belt from coming back out from under there. Pto may be used to yank belt out, which results in ruined belt 50% of time.
    Bottom of blade spindles are a hollow sleeve that blade bolt goes up into until it encounters threaded portion of spindle. Metal is very thin on this threadless portion. If you scalp a rock or hit something in the ground,shock transfers through blade and deforms bottom of spindle. Then bolt won't come out, or it won't go back in. Spindle then requires trip to machine shop for repair.
    Deck height indicator is meaningless.
    Deck will cut anything, but cuttings are large and coarse.
    Deck scalps worse than any ztr I have ever used, and dealer could not fix that problem either.
    I have owned and operated quite a few ztr's, and I stand by my statement that the JD M665 is the worst designed ztr I have ever used. Mine never made a week without a breakdown, while my other brands of ztrs( all older machines) just kept on mowing day-in-day-out.

  6. mklawnman

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    I was considering buying a M653 but went to a John Deere dealer and the guy said that your better off buying a Scag Turf Tiger. I am a Deere guy but that has changed after i bought my Turf Tiger. Though John Deere did buy Great Dane so my guess is that they r working on building their own John Deere ZTR with the help of the Great Dane engineers. Ive heard some good things of JD 7-Iron Deck but thats all. Deere always gets into the market too late.
  7. jdjoe_97

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    I have ran a pair of M665's all summer. I bought them brand new in the spring. I love them, and have had no problems with them. They cut 150% better than the past three 721D Grasshoppers I had. I haven't had a breake down yet and they both have 300hrs on them. I just change the oil and keep driving them.

    For the price of just $7800 each I dont' think there is a better buy. Plus I get excellent service from Deere on anything I would ever need. I am sorry to hear of some of your lemon stories, but I believe that is all it is you just got a lemon.

    Thanks Joe
  8. GLS

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    You paid $7800?? When I last looked at em they were just only $5000-$6000.

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