Gator Magnums for a Toro 60'' Turbo Force Deck?


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I've had a look through your online catelog and couldn't find a Gator Magnum for my mower, but I've heard here that there is one for a Exmark Lazer, part #90-724

Has to be 20.5 inches tip to tip, and 5/8 centre hole, your catelog says this lazer magnum should fit my toro, only thing I don't know is if is a flat blade?

The dealer here is Gripsky & sons, Queensland, Australia.

Do you know if they get the blade I need from you?

I bought a set last week, the ones they send were too short, and certainly weren't magnums, yet they say they were....don't think the guy was taking me seriously.

They appear not to respond fast to email, and my call solved nothing when I questioned whether it was correct and a magnum, was before I found them too short. that's why I'm now asking you if the part # I gave you would fit my deck correctly, and 2 whether Gripsky should have them, not sure there are too many Exmarks in this country, then again...

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I am unaware if the Dealer you are dealing with sells our blades. We sell through two step distribution so I really only know our Distributors.

The 90-724 that you asked about is a 20.5" Blade ( Tip to Tip) and is 2.5" wide and .250" thick. This is a Gator Magnum for a Dixie Chopper. This is also a flat blade.

The blade that you want for your Exmark is a 90-724. This is a 20.5" blade that is 2.5" wide and .250" thick. It is the Gator Magnum for the Exmark Lazer Z 60" cut. This is a formed Blade.

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I have made a mistake in my last post. The 90-724 is the blade that you are after. It is a flat blade and should fit your mower. They should also be 20.5" tip to tip.

Check the blades that you purchase to make sure that you have the correct ones. The number will be stamped on them.


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Oregon Tech,

Please could you tell me who distributes your Gator Blades for you in Australia?

I only know of one, he hasn't any blades suitable for my new Toro, I'm hoping another could get them or something...

I'm having a tough time explaining that the Toro catelog blades don't fit the new Toro 60'' deck, but the Exmark made blade 90-724 will fit, I keep hearing a exmark blade won't fit a toro etc, as long as the blade has the correct specs I don't care which mower it was originally made for LOL! Just getting a blade for my new red rig has proved somewhat time consuming:)

Please help...


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Hi Oregon,

Well....I called Gripsky's and had no luck, guy didn't even know what magnums were, he thought all gators were magnums..

I emailed them twice asking them to get me the blades we are talking about, no reply.

I figure they must sell to dealers only....

I ask my local dealer to contact Gripsky's for me, he couldn't understand why I wanted blades you have listed under Exmark for my Toro, I just couldn't explain that brand here was not an issue, the specs are right, just get the blades...

Nup, thinks I'm crazy wanting exmark blades....hmmmm.

Anyway I plead with him to call Gripsky, they are just as confused.

All I want is to try gator magnums that will fit my new Toro, these guys just won't get their head around this simple request, hung up on this exmark thing...apparently.

How can this be so hard, we have the number, specs are right, what is their problem??

I'm hitting my head against a wall here just over mower blades, can you notify Gripsky and let them know part number 90-724 is the blade that you believe should fit the new Toro Turbo Force 60'' deck fine please?

Price to me would be good too.

Could you please also ask them to order 2 sets of these gator magnums for me please?

There is no other way these guys will understand this blade will fit fine, they and dealer think I'm crazy for wanting them and basically refuse to get them.

Is your new trimmer line being sold in Australia?

Feel free to PM me if you want any details from me for Griskpy.