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    I finally found a good source for Gatorline at and I was wondering which diameter ya'll prefer. I've been using Husqvarna Titanium .105 and with my trimmers I can use either .095 or .105. There was an earlier thread and a lot of ya'll were using the Gatorline .095 and I was just curious if anyone had any experience with the .105.

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    i used .095 for the first few 5 pounders i ordered, but on my 3 package, i accidently ordered .105. My trimmer cant spin the .105 well enough so i have 4.98 pounds just sitting of the .105. I find the .095 works excelent.
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    What do you want for the 4.98 pounds of the .105?
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    I love it. LawnSite a place for professionals to get together,talk business, and do business!


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