Gators for a Hustler 04 60" S/Z kohler 28efi

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PEVO, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. PEVO

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    I'm currently running stock fusions(straight blades w/adapters) on my 04 super-z 60" mower. I have acres of some crappy spindly wirely grass that the shoots appear in the spring & fall(seed stems). Only the stems grow, not that much of the rest of the grass + these stems grow from 18" to over 2 ft tall. This sh*t give me fits!!! I can go WOT with reduced speed & still leave stragglers behind. The blades are very sharp & I'm cutting at 3.5 inches(rough pastures) As i said before, i'm running straight stock blades & the chute opening that has been modded(opened up) My Questions...I've read about using scag Hi-lifts(3in wide) but will they work on my older deck? Also while discharging this crappy spindly spiney wirey grass,...these stems come out almost whole. Could i use Gator blades to mulch these up some eventhough i'm still side discharging? Will gators work on my lowering adaptors on my spindles. I was told that newer straight gators for this modded deck are narrower & that the old style will not over lap enuff to get the job done. If i'd go with scag blades, then i'd still have the semi whole stems discharge to deal with. So i guess i'd like to try some gators(i'd even sharpen the teeth as another poster on the forum did to try to get these stems cut up) Can i get gators for this deck with out having to remove the spacer adaptors.???? or could i even use Scag blades without running into the same problems??? thanks
  2. Keith

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    Well, I don't think I can help you with what you are cutting, but I can tell you that I have used Scag blades on my 03 Super Z with modded deck. Matter of fact, I have been using 21" Rotary (aftermarket Scag) medium lifts almost exclusively ever since I modded the deck.

    As for the Scag Super Hi Lifts, they do fit, and they do throw the discharge a bit farther. But they suck up everything! And they suck up some power too. I put them on my mower for about a week and decided they really offered me nothing over the mediums. Like I said, they seemed to discharge the bahia grass a little farther, but it did not seem to seem to make the clippings any smaller. I still have 9 brand new ones sitting at the shop.
  3. puppypaws

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    Try this and tell me how much difference you see just for the heck of it.

    Drop the deck down to 2 3/4" on that junk then come back and tell me how much difference you see in the cut, if you can post a picture of the stems you are talking about, I would love to see it.

    With 8 lbs. of air in all the tires on my Super Z I am in the fifth hole back from the front of the deck.
  4. PEVO

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    I'll post some pics of the weeds i'm referring to.
  5. moss2940

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    Puppypaws nailed the solution. I am 30 miles south of Dallas and have the same grass?weed you are describing.
    I tried all kinds of things, finally lowered the deck on my Hustler to 2 3/4" and it made a huge difference.

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