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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by icatcher, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. icatcher

    icatcher LawnSite Member
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    Anyone got a source to order gators?
    I need them for a 52" Super Mini Z...
    Dealer is slow getting in order from Hustler..

    Would the Scag's work? 18" blade 5/8" center
    Hustler's are listed as 17 7/8" blade 5/8" center..

    I looking at running doubles as I have a lot of blowout with the Mulch lit and standard blades.. No anti blow-out kit for 52" deck yet!

    Note: Hustlers Mulch kit consists of baffels only, No Blades..
    So tack another $30+ to the cost of the mulch kit..
  2. mowerconsultant

    mowerconsultant LawnSite Fanatic
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    When did your dealer order the blades ? we have them in stock at the factory, there should be no problems, other than holiday's recently.

    I am not sure if the Scag blades will work for you, I would be worried about blade clearance in the deck, you would have to try it and see if it hits anything, or another blade when rotating.

    Hustler does not put blades in our mulch kits, we do not do this for the reason that different parts of the country need different blade combos for mulching, what works good for you may not work good for someone in California or maybe Florida.
    We have never advertised or sold the kit as having blades with it.

  3. icatcher

    icatcher LawnSite Member
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    Don't like this statement..
    Kinda defensive. But a mulching blade is a mulching blade so to speak. How many different mulching blades do you guys offer..
    My issues is a kit should be everything ( Baffels & Blades.).. No biggie as it was a freebie to me just thought I would post that for future reference for others and note that all other manufactuers provides blades with there kits.

    Well the dealer supposedly has a big order coming in. It was supposed to come in the week before xmas as they called and confirmed. Still not in.. Any chance of getting a pair or 2 express shipped? How about Hustler giving us owners a way to order thru the web. If you could check the status of the order I would appreciate it. (Hiltons Cola, SC 29223)

    Yeah I was a little worried about clearence too. Just was wondering what everyone else was using. I have searched the forums and found little, Just one saying they used bobcat's etc..

    Also thought we may be able to start getting more activity in this forum so all the Hustler owners could help out. How about a sticky with part #, blades etc,.. Also maybe a little more info about what these are and what they accomplish. (I know about the Fuel valve deal)
    Kit, Super Mini Z Steering Extension 353961 $16
    Kit, Fuel Valve 353748 $29
    Also what about the oil drain kit, etc..

    I love my Super Mini and wouldn't trade it, however I would just like to see more info..
  4. mowerconsultant

    mowerconsultant LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Syracuse, NY
    Messages: 9,769

    My post was not meant to be defensive, just stating that different parts of the country use different blades for mulching.
    We have found the Gators work very well in most mulching applications, although we have found in different areas and grass types that the std blades work very well also.

    Sounds like your dealer is waiting on a spring stock order of some sort, I will contact the rep that works with him and find out what the situation is.
    We can express ship the blades, we can have them there overnight if your dealer places the order by 4pm, and the dealer must place the order.
    We are looking to the future with you being able to look up parts on the Hustler website, we will not sell direct though, you will still need to order through a dealer, we build our network of dealers based on factory to dealer then to end user.
    Our dealer base is there to support the end user.
    I will work on getting some more info posted here on the Hustler forum, blade reference charts and such.
    There are a lot of Hustler users that post info here; it has just been slow the last 2 weeks with the holidays and such.

    You are correct we should be a bit more descriptive with our kits, and I am going to forward this post to who needs to see it at the factory.

    As far as descriptions of the steering kit, this kit is for the guys like my self that have a slightly larger than average middle kit relocates the steering levers out a couple of inches, it is a simple bolt on kit.
    The fuel valve kit makes it possible to switch fuel tank usage, currently the units have valves on the bottoms of the tanks, and this kit allows you to switch tanks from the operators position.
    I am not aware of an oil drain kit, the drain and filter on the Mini's is located over the rear frame for ease of access for oil changes.

    Please e-mail me your personal / business info, so I can have our rep reference you when looking into the blade situation.

    Thank you
  5. icatcher

    icatcher LawnSite Member
    Messages: 87

    Not a problem! I understand where you are coming from.
    My Hustler is my prize possesion in my Lawn Care arsenal.

    I under stand about the dealer network also. My dealer is killer it's just the slow delivery of parts that is killing me. Was looking forward to trying the gators before I mulch all the leaves to dust with the hi-lifts.

    My dealer just started selling Hustler in July so that's why everything is slow. On a good note I got my Super Mini in about 10 days, straight from the factory. it's an 03 as opposed to the 04 but het, who cares it's a monster. 25/52, sound like a jet plane taking off.

    Keep up the good work!
  6. gene gls

    gene gls LawnSite Gold Member
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    I agree with icatcher. Every time my machine is in for repairs it takes Bachers a week to get parts, 4 weeks last season waiting for parts. Same thing with belts for the bac-vac unit.

  7. hustler1

    hustler1 LawnSite Member
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    dont count on the gator blades being the answer to your blow out problem on the 52" super mini....I've got the gators on the same mower and have the blow out problem on the left front as well as a poorer mulchng job from the left side....good luck.....maybe doubles are the answer...dunno yet
  8. icatcher

    icatcher LawnSite Member
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    Well I'm gonna try the doubles if and when my Gators arrive.

    Just an FYI..
    I spoke to some one on Ebay that sells the Gators and they said they will have the Gators and the Standard Blades for the Hustlers avaiable soon.

    Hey Pj-
    See if you can get a anti blow-out kit for the Mini's in the works.


    A note to all:
    Pj has been more than helpful regarding this. He is looking into it for me and is really gone above and beyond anything I would have suspected. I wonder if it the dealers not stocking enough parts that are the issues?
  9. icatcher

    icatcher LawnSite Member
    Messages: 87

    One thought I just had...
    Since the Gators specifically for the Hustlers are a pain to find I
    was thinking that if you plan on running doubles could you use just the standard blades on the bottom and any gator that is
    17 7/8" long or shorter with the 5/8" center hole?
    I was thinking that the bottom blade is actually doing the cutting ,thus you get you full width , whereas tha top blades is mainly just for the double-cut of the clippings. So in this instance would a shorter blade be pretty much the same? I realize you lose a little bit on the width of the upeer blades but I don't think it would be detrimental to the cut..
    I think one of the Hustler owners was using Gators for a bobcat that were shorter.. Just a thought.

    Also would a shorter top blade be a little better as we are saving a little weight and not using as much HP to turn them.. granted this is only for leaf mulching I am thinking of. however it maybe beneficial in normal mulching applications.
  10. DennisF

    DennisF LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Florida
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    If you used a different length blades you would have vibration problems since the blades would be of different weights and therefore different balance characterisitics . It would probably ruin the spindles in no time. If you have a Hustler with a mulch kit and gators (not imitations) installed you shouldn't need to run doubles. I run gators on my Hustler Z with a mulch kit and it mulches like no other mower I've ever owned. Cut is clean and smooth as glass. Just keep the blades razor sharp and you'll have no problems.

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