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'Gauranteed' installation

Old Red

LawnSite Member
I got a call from a woman to look at a renovation at the other side of the county. I said it's little distant and she says it's a big back yard that had been grub infested. How big I inquire? She can't judge measurements but it's really big. Well what the heck, I'll drive there with the wife, take a look and then have dinner at a favorite Thai restaurant in the area. So I got there and found a fenced in yard, 3400 sq. feet, full of dead grass and dug up by two schnauzers that have run of the place.
So I give her a price of $700 to do a soil test, strip the sod, till, rake, seed, fert and mulch. Too high? She doesn't want to spend that much. I offer that I can do a soil test, fill the dog-dug holes, fert and slit-seed for $360. Today she says she wants a written gaurantee that she'll have a lush lawn. I'm going to walk away from this job but I'm wondering if any of you offer any kind of gaurantee on lawn installations.


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Raleigh, NC
Good decision on walking away from that one... I don't really offer a gurarantee becuase I find that most of the time when the yard doesn't turn out it's becuase the customer isn't watering correctly, they let the dogs out on it, or they do something else wrong. However, while I don't offer a guarantee, if I go back over there and can tell it is our fought I will throw down some extra seed or something to see what that does.


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Dallas, Ga
Unless they hire me for the maintenance as well as addressing the dog issue. I wouldn't touch it. I agree that the homeowners fail to understand and act upon the watering needs of a fresh lawn


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I don't offer any gaurentee on lawn renovation. Even if I maintain it. There are so many factors that can work against you that it just isn't worth it. I've never had a lawn fail, but I've had sections that have failed for one reason or another. Usually it's a soil problem of some sort. On cutomre had an area that just woundn't take. I suggested another soil sample, but he decided it was a good time to tell me his son used to "change his oil, and flush radiators and stuff" in that area.