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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by promower, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. promower

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    Noticed a property that was looking not to good. Grass was about a foot tall and was on a busy road. Been wondering when someone was going to cut it, well the weeks kept going by. I wrote up an estimate and just dropped it off. Management called right away and told me that Im hired. $200 a week account, not to bad plus they want the snow removal added in. I was thinking cha-ching!! Burlington Coat Factory if anyone has heard of I dont know if they are just in my area or not, but the parking lot is huge. Guess it pays off to just drop by and give estimates even if they dont call, I should do more of this.

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  3. thartz

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    Just curious;Did they tell you why they waited so long for the first cut? Hope it works out for you.Good Luck!!
  4. KevinBacon

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    I think Burlington Coat factory is just about everywhere. I have been though a few eastern states and there in all of them. By the way in from Ohio.
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    None around here but I know they're big in other areas. Round here we have "Kohl's", we're getting a new one in our town soon too. I gave an estimate on a commercial this year that needed it bad (looked like they were farming dandelions LOL) and the guy was too cheap to hire even the guy who bid half of my price :eek: I did some telemarketing this spring for commercials too and got to bid on two from that, one i was too high on and the other they decided to do in house this year.

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