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Gday from Tassie


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G'day all! I'm an Aussie lawn mower man from the island of Tasmania. Don't look it up or you'll want to move here, and there are enough people already ha.

I am Machen's Mowing and Maintenance, usually a 1 man operation but have a couple of hands that I bring on when needed.

I started 3 years ago with a $50 10 year old B&S, a Chinese brush cutter, ozito blower, some tools I had accumulated from looking after my own properties/stolen from dad, and a Peugeot hatchback with roof racks and no back seat.

I now have 2 Utes, 4 sthil brush cutters, a Masport pusher and Honda self propelled, a Murray ride on and Toro zero turn, Sthil combo tool with saw and trimmer and a bunch of other stuff, with 3 trailers.

Oh and I am building a racing ride on, just for fun.

I mainly do lawns with a goal to specialize in hedges and pruning, still upgrading equipment.

Anyway, gday! Hope.to.learn some stuff from this page!

Any facebook groups should join, let me know :)


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Also, just want to say how lucky the Americans on this page have it, **** you guys have some nice trucks, for good prices too! I'm currently thinking about upgrading my 7x5 cage trailer to a 12x6 enclosed but I'd need to spend 20k on a vehicle to tow it!

Might just get a truck ha


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Grand Rapids, MN
Welcome to LS.
There are a few you Aussie's on here. Looks like you've had decent growth your first 3 years.
Winter is just beginning here so mowing season is done for now.
Good luck.