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    Hi, Im Damien and Im a turf machinery technition.

    I live in Melbourne In the good old land of OZ (Australia) and work at a high end private golf club in the outer south eastern suburbs.

    Ive been in the trade for about 12 years starting off as a Trades assistant for a commertial mowing equipment leasing and reconditioning company and worked up to getting my trade as an A grade motor mechanic and moving from the workshop/pickup and delivery truck driver to onsite service and breakdown all over Victoria.

    Ive been at my current job nearly 3 years and is still like being semi retired in comparison to the pace of being on the road.

    Im married with 2 kids (from a previous relationship but see them as often as I can at least every fortnight) and 2 dogs ( a Beagle and a Blue healer).

    We go 4wding and camping as much as we possibly can and have owned my Landrover Discovery for 4 years which is pretty well modified for touring.

    Looks like a great site with some good info on it, I found it while trying to cross reference some filter for a Vermeer trenching machine.

    I didnt find what I was looking for here but I found it to be a very useful research tool for smaller equipment which is sometimes harder to get info on than the bigger stuff.
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    Welcome aboard Damien. have a cool Foster's on me :drinkup:
    I guess it's the middle on summer down under now You're not an F1 fan are you ? Does it snow Down under ?
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    No one in aussie land really actually drinks Forst tos (Fosters) as it tastes horrible lol

    We normally drink VB (Victoria Bitter) or MB (Melbourne Bitter) and is a form of currency for tradies like my self, jobs are quite often quoted in how many slabs (24 can box) a job is worth + parts :drinkup:

    Yes it is summer at the moment, but in Melbourne, it can go from 35 deg C to 12 deg C in about 1/2 hr or vice versa during summer and is quite common to be -1 or -2 in the mornings during winter but we are too low where I live for snow but a couple of times a year the near by hills get a sprinkle.

    Where I grew up on a farm in a place called Merrijig we used to get decent snow but 20 mins up the rd at Mt Buller there is one of Australias biggest snow skiing resorts where I used to work part time since I was a teenager.

    To answer your other question, not much of an F1 fan but it is a good party when it comes to town :drinkup::drinkup::drinkup::drinkup: but my fav motor sport is the V8 super cars (which it just happens that the first race of rnd 1 just finnished on the telly) which is well worth a look if it ever comes on the box over there.

    There's a bloke racing in Nascar over there called Marcos Ambrose who got famous because no one else in the series could catch him so he left for a challenge over there..........and drive around in circles lol.

    Most people over here follow Aussie rules football and Rugby (league or union) in winter and Cricket in summer but they are soooooo boring:hammerhead::hammerhead: so I dont :clapping:

    You lot sound like a freindly bunch, I might hang around a bit :waving:
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    Welcome to the site
  5. Breezmeister

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    I am counting down the days to the first race.

    A few years back Speed Channel, on the off season here was showing a few races from down under. Kind of like NASCAR Aussie style ?
    Personally, I would love to get one of those Ford Falcons you have down there :) They don't make the Falcon up here :cry:

    NASCAR season is just starting up here with Daytona last week and right now there is a rain delay at Fontana Calf tonight (Sat. 23rd) Marcos is on camera now on with the rain delay. Got himself a Assie crew chief too.

    ESPN is good for showing alot of stuff like that here. Back in the day I worked with a few Brits and they take there Rugby very seriously :hammerhead:

    There are a few other Aussie here and a Brit or two as well, plus our friends to the North in the 51st state :waving: Have fun and BeSeeingYou

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