Gear box on Walker is leaking gear oil

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ShortCuts, Mar 12, 2001.

  1. ShortCuts

    ShortCuts LawnSite Member
    from Maine
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    Late last fall I hit a huge piece of pavement that was buried in leaves. Let me tell you me and that piece of pavement had words. Anyways the shear pins on the blade broke just like they were suppose too...I though nothing of it....i put the new pins in it and then i was off. That night when i got back to the shop i found that there was gear oil leakiing from both the top of the deck , where the gear box meets the deck and under the deck where the spindle comes through the deck. Has this happen to anyone else? I haven't talked to my dealer yet......i'll be taking in there in a few weeks to get a taillock on it. I was just curious how much this is gonna cost me? do you think it's serious?
  2. JJ Lawn

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    If it is leaking gear oil after hitting something hard, more than likely there is a crack in the gearbox, and it will have to be replaced. You could be fortunate and just have a bad seal though, but not likely. (I never had that luck. Every time I had a leak it was a cracked box.)

    The last gearbox I had replaced by the dealer cost me $243.00. And yes it can be serious if not checked and repaired.

    Oh, You also might check the bolts where the gearbox connector tube bolts on. You also might get lucky and they might be loose. Again I never was that lucky. :)

  3. ShortCuts

    ShortCuts LawnSite Member
    from Maine
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    i've checked the bolts and they are all tight. I'm praying it's a seal......i'll find out soon enough.
  4. pcs

    pcs LawnSite Member
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    I had a leak last year. I didn't hit anything though. It was just a bad seal.
  5. E-man

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    from PA
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    last fall one of my employees hit a big tree stump covered with leaves doing a fall clean-up he bent one blade and it only broke the gear box seal I guess I got lucky
  6. Indiana

    Indiana LawnSite Member
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    I just had both of my gearbox seals replaced. Mine was doing the same thing. Leaking like crazy, wouldn't hold oil for 8 hours.

    Cost me $47.00 for both seals at my Walker dealer.

    I was sweating it, but turned out good.
  7. Odie

    Odie LawnSite Member
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    I just finished replacing the tee-gear box on my 48" deck last week. I hit a tree root covered with leaves last fall. I thought it was a seal or loose bolt, but that wasn't it. The dealer says that even though the blade shear pins sheared, the blade nut was to tight, causing the gear housing to crack? The factory uses loctite on the bolts, and high tack adhesive on the gasket seals, so a leak from those are unlikely. The new gear box is a complete assembly with new gears,bearings, stub shafts, bolts, and seals that are included. It cost me $130.00. I'm going to have the local welding shop fix the cracks in old box and save it for a back up.

    Good luck with yours!

  8. mcambrose

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    I do all of my gearbox work myself. You will be surprised how simple it is. Just takes a little time. If your gearbox is leaking from the top of the deck, it mis most likely the gearbox cracked. Wipe off all of the gear oil and check to see where it is leaking from. If you do have to replace a gearbox, the cheapest place I have found is . I think the and gearboxes are a little over $100. If the top of the deck has no leak then it is just leaking from the bottom seal. Tilt the deck up. Remove the blades on that side and remove the three screws from the seal cover. Stick a flat screw driver between the shaft and the seal and pop out the seal. Use a soft mallet to tap in a new seal. Make sure you are careful when putting on the new seal. Kind of twist it was you put it over the shaft, so the spring on the back side doesn't pop off. I can do a seal in about 15 minutes or less. It is even easier todo if you pull off the deck and turn it over, so the gear oil doesn't leak out.
  9. Mowman

    Mowman LawnSite Senior Member
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    I had the main gearbox on my Walker replaced in November. The box was $139.00. After replacing other little parts needed the total bill was $395.96. I did not hit anything. I bought the mower used and I believe the previous owner SMACKED something very hard. Not knowing much about them when I bought it I believed him when he told me that was the way gear drive decks sounded, NOT!!!!!!!! Hey, you learn from experience. It just cost me $400 bucks to learn this lesson.
    Good Luck,
  10. igm

    igm LawnSite Member
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    Hit a piece of re-bar someone threw out in the grass.
    Bolts sheared as should, but notice oil a while later.
    Clean it good and then observe where leak is coming from.
    I thought it was leaking below deck, but in fact was seeping down from up above. Turns out it tweaked the gearbox just
    enough that the gasket started leaking where the horizontal part bolts up to the little box with the pinion gear in it.
    Straightened it out, snugged the bolts down, checked the gear oil. Seems fine. Got lucky maybe.


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