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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Live4Mowin', May 30, 2003.

  1. Live4Mowin'

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    What is gear drive? Also this question has been bothering me. People say hydros have better tracking, what the heck is tracking?
  2. Live4Mowin'

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  3. Doogiegh

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    Tracking is the ability to keep going forward in a perfectly straight line for miles on end...

    With a hydro-driven motor, there is the chance that one motor may put out a little more energy than the other, therefore causing you to track a little to the left or to the right after you go xxx hundred feet....... there is an adjustment on hydros so you can have even output, therefore perfectly straight lines (as long as you're not influenced by things like going up a hill sideways, etc..

    With belt drives, the easiest way to adjust tracking is adjusting the air pressure in each tire just a little bit, making it where whatever side the mower is tracking to, lowering the air pressure of the opposite side just a tad. (as a higher air-pressure tire has a larger overall circumference and therefore will go a further distance in xxx number of tire revolutions).. let out some air, both tires now go the same distance and everythings cool.

  4. Live4Mowin'

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    thanks gary, i really appreciate it
  5. hubb

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    I agree with the statement about the hydro, but the belt drive statement is all wrong. I've never seen a belt drive that didn't have an adjustment for spring tension on the belts. If you let air out of the tires your going to get an uneven cut I would think.
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    if you re-read doogs reply i think you'll see what he is saying, all tires with the same air pressure are not the same size, even if there dimensions say they are. more circumference means that one turn of the axle/ per one turn of the other axle, the tire with more circumference is going to cover more real estate, hope that makes sense.

    example: 1st tire 23x10.50x12 @ 24psi is 23.5" inches tall
    2nd tire 23x10.50x12 @ 24psi is 22.75" inches tall

    drop the air pressure in the taller tire till you have the same height or circumference then one turn of the axle/s will cover the same distance.

    ps this will help keep your cut level (trust me) especially if you just change one tire
  7. brucec32

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    No,this isn't rocket science, but I'd advise going to work for someone else for a little while to learn the business and equipment if you don't even know terms like tracking and gear drive.

    Think of it as an apprenticeship.
  8. mag360

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    Belt tension should be enough that the belts don't slip at all---the tire pressure is the only way to adjust the tracking on a properly functioning belt drive walk behind
  9. TLS

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    My SCAG (Belt drive) WB's tires must be matched. I can go down the street for quite a ways before it'll start to drift. Both rear tires are inflated equally, so tracking SOULD be perfect. If it isn't I'd just give a little handle bar tweak to straighten it out.

    Airing up or down rear tires would mess up my deck more than I'd care to see.
  10. Tvov

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    As you probably figured out by now, when people are talking about "gear drive" and "belt drive" they are usually referring to the same thing.

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