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Gee......I wonder if this is going to 'Barber-Chair' ??

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I would say......yes......
Yep, going to have to wrap that trunk. I already have a cable up high in the tree. Just going to 'score' the trunk a bit more and pull it down.

Its just a tree out in the pasture that is going to fall across my fence-line and needs to come down.

But its a Hackberry....and the wood is very unpredictable. Doesn't help that its a leaner and rotten.
I know, off topic, but you mentioned it was not your property. Is it acceptable behavior to remove potentially damaging trees even if they are not on your property?

I have a vacant lot to the west of me. There is a dead elm leaning into a live maple over my fence. The absentee property owner is un responsive.

Can I drop that dead elm and maple without issue? The only issue will be damage to my privacy fence. ( I'll remove the panels 1st obviously.
No, this tree is very much on my is just going to fall though a 'cross fence' not perimeter or boundary fence if I don't cut it. I've already taken down the fencing where it would be damaged and intend to fell the tree, clear it off and then put the fencing back up (at my leisure) rather than when mother nature decides.

With respect to YOUR situation, the law varies State by State. can legally 'trim/prune' that portion of a tree that extends over your property and is posing a problem or potential problem....BUT I would examine the laws in your State to see what is allowed and who is responsible for any damages incurred.
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