Geese problems

Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by Dollar Spot, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. MarcSmith

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    Yeah my tommy armour 5 wood went swimming last year. three shots in a row right in the drink. I wasn't going to give the club a chance for the 4th ball.

    Playing strict rules is fun, it makes you think about your shots a bit more, I have actually played very good playing by the rules and eliminating the foot wedge from the bag.
  2. Dollar Spot

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    I play better when playing by the rules. I guess because I slow down and concentrate more.
  3. Dollar Spot

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    We tried the bangers and whistlers out yesterday for the first time and they didn't work so well. It took me a hour and a half of blasting the sky with these thing to finally get the geese to move. That's way to much time to spend. My dog had a blast though.

    It was the first time I saw a goose dive under the water and swim for twenty feet.
  4. xpnd

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    For what it is worth and this probably will not work, here in TX we have a big problems with grackles(I always thought they were starlings but what do I know). One of the cities brought in a guy with trained birds of prey. Supposedly when he lets the bird go to flight, it scares the bejebbers out of the grackles and they're supposed to go away. Wonder if they know that?

    Geese are a lot bigger so they may not be intimidated. Who knows?
  5. Grassmechanic

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    Naw, the geese aren't intimidated by raptors. But for smaller birds such as grackles, starlings, etc. an owl decoy works quite well. Just move it around evey few days so the birds don't get used to it in one place and figure out it's only a decoy.
  6. Dollar Spot

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    The coyote decoys have been out about two weeks and one has been stolen already. Oh well.....they didn't work that well anyway.
  7. MarcSmith

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    I love it a member stole it, most likely, and they are going to be the first ones to complain about the condition of the grass, ect....

    I had two owls hung in trees over picknic tables after compmlaints about bird poo....two weeks later one of the two is gone....Complaints started coming and and I kindly responded to the students "As long as you continue to steal them, I wont replace em, nor wash the tables."

    All it takes is one to screw it up for everybody else....
  8. Dollar Spot

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    We have been able to keep the geese off the course by using bangers and whistlers. They are flying off when they hear us coming. If we can keep them from nesting we've dramatically reduced our problems.

    Marc, the Gators played a heck of a game the other night. Poor old Oden was out numbered 3 to 1 but he still had a good game. If he stays for next year OSU will be tough to beat.

    My Lady Vols came through for me!
  9. MarcSmith

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    Messages: 7,157 rest your hopes onthe women....:)

    I hope the Fab fave decied to stay for their final year. 3 peat....I doubt it though.

    I hope Donovan doesn't leave for kentuk.....shudder....

    I just back from NYC today we have a chance of flurries this weekend...Oh well so much for the cherry blossoms....
  10. Dollar Spot

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    The ladies are more fun to watch than the guys plus a lot better looking.

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