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    wow, looks like a nice,easy way to make some money in the off-season. Just take out your border collie and chase some geese for $65 an hour.
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    Gives me chills watching those collies work. At a golf course I was at in the Detroit area they did a goose "roundup" when they were molting. A company came in and used dogs and snow fence to herd them, then supposedly flew them in an airplane to Iowa or somewhere to a different fly zone. I'll tell you what, the only "gas" I would have used would have been in the fuselage and that plane never would have had to take off! Man, they're dirty ******* birds. Go figure, the government institutes fertilizer laws to protect the lakes, then they protect these dung factories. What's wrong with this picture?
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    I ran a golf course in NE PA some years back and had a huge problem with geese.
    It became so bad the crew refused to mow rough and fairways as the reel mowers were slinging the goose crap everywhere.
    It stuck, rusted reels and stuck like glue to anything and anyone it hit.
    I solved the problem by buying a pointing female lab puppy, trained her myself to herd the geese into the water, then she would do what no Border Collie would - she would jump into the water after the geese.
    The city where the golf course was had a strict lease ordinance about dogs in their park district - and the golf course was part of the park.
    Well, long story short the city attorney amended the ordinance solely to allow me to run my dog, which I still have, off lease because the city attorney, the mayor and park superintendent all watched one day how effective my dog really was.
    The city ended up paying me more than $75/hour to go to different areas of the park, there is over 1600 acres, to chase the geese away from those areas so events could be held.
    The best part of this was the dog was my employee, everything was tax deductible, and I made a #@! load of money with her.:drinkup:
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    Davey Tree had (and may still have) a border collie in Washington DC at a corporate campus (Boeing or something). Anyway, they do just that, charge out the dog and handler on a per hour basis to keep the geese in certain area. What I thought was comical was that the dog had an asset number assigned to it, like a truck number. Struck me as funny for some reason.

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