Gehl 4610 Weight Distribution

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by LINKSCAPE, Jun 28, 2003.


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    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding my GEHL 4610 Skid Loader. I just bought it recently and had to replace the rear right wheel bearing. The people that owned it prior to me had the back door to the engine compartment filled with cement to keep the loader balanced when lifting heavier loads. I'm wondering if the weight of the cement is putting too much stress on the rear bearings.....??? Has anyone had any similar experience?
  2. DaddyRabbit

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    I think you should track down the original owner and "shoot him" in other words clean the world of genetic impurities!! What an idiot :eek: You have an counterweight and that should be sufficient enough to do what you need..
  3. Mgardner

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    I`d find a way too get that **** outa there. I would NOT want the extra weight. Just a heads up though, my brother seen a guy loose his middle finger last week. A young guy just hired was loading an F 350 , with dirt and it tipped forward because of an incline next to the truck. When it tipped forward he reached out to stop his fall and it pinned his hand. His finger was hanging by just a thread. What a bummer,could have been worse of course but still a bummer.
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    I would also try to get rid of it. These machines are designed by engeneers to pick up a specific amount of weight. If is tipping you are trying to pick to much up. Yes they will lift more than they are designed for but it puts a stress on the engine and pumps. Doing this continuasly will burn out your pumps.

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