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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RigglePLC, Sep 26, 2011.

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    I planted some Scotts "High Traffic" seed which is coated with Zeba moisture-retaining gel. I compared it with Scotts "Classic" an inexpensive mix. Both seed mixtures contained about a third perennial ryegrass. Planted in potting soil in containers. I watered the containers by skipping two days and watering on the third day. Outdoors, except on cold nights. Temps were in the mid-70's.

    At 5 days after planting, both seed types were at about 1/4 inch tall. At 12 days the gel-coated "High Traffic" was taller, about 3 inches, right. The uncoated seed "Classic" grew to a maximum of about 2 inches, on the left in photo.

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    could just be the varieties though, would have to be the same to be any kind of control.

    however, i do think it helps it take better in drier conditions. but you cant really fudge on watering correctly anyways so a waste of money almost all the time to buy it
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    That looks like pretty rich soil and if kept out of the baking sun, they should both do well... try it with sand and drainage holes... It will be interestting to see what it takes to make the normal seed fail, when the coated seed still survives... :)

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