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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gunner4green, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. gunner4green

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    Ive been studying these mowers now for approximately 8 months, due to having a strong 2 acres to mow mostly flat and smooth. The machines Im lookin at are hustler, and BB and BobCat....with a nice vanguard, or a generac for ponies. the hustler doesnt carry the VG or the Gen, so that kinda blows cause it fits me pretty good ( I am 6'6 and 3/4 and 480# I know my motors pretty good, and I dont sneeze at the Kaw's to much but I just know that VG's and the Gen motor are outstanding for their power and fuel intake etc...The BB has the VG, however the brake and the H O C mechanism is kinda scary as far as changing the H O C and returning it to the previous setting etc...I'm leaning real hard on the Bobcat due to it having the Gen motor option, and thats cool too...However, I been learning and puttin together a hypothetical package, and Ive seen on here that Bobcat wasnt gonna carry the Gen motor no longer....that isnt entirely true....:nono: I just talked to a rep at CGC or schiller grounds care in Johnson Creek WI. about this rumor. He pointed straight out that the Gen motor was still going to be continued as an option...and that the rumor was a farce...The other reason for leaning on the Bobcat idea is that my Son has Spina Bifida, and has no use of his legs, and I wanted to put his butt to work cuttin grass. The HOC mechanism is more feasible for him unlike the other mowers. Since he is in a wheel chair, learning the control levers will be nothing for him to learn, other than being hell on wheels and learning to turn the machine without tearing turf up pleased to hear that Generac is still an option for these Bobcat is the number I called to get this 411... 1 866 469 1242 BB and the bobcat are more friendly in price too, so thats keepin mama happy LOL :cool2:
  2. pugs

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    Check with your dealer. See if they have had good luck getting parts for Generac. We have not and currently send anything with a generac packing.
  3. White Gardens

    White Gardens LawnSite Fanatic
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    I've always loved the Generac for power.

    They do consume a little oil and are definite gas guzzlers, but the cylinders are tough. (that's why the consume a little oil)
  4. Green King

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    I would say go with the Bobcat but wait for the DFI 37hp kawasaki engine! I would suspect it will be available in the spring!
  5. HenryB

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    From experience I'd avoid the 37 Kawy like a plague. They have some issues My Generac has been amazing. Flawless, powerful 1.5GPH.
  6. gunner4green

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    Yes sir I heard all that...I dont sneeze at the kaws to hard but from experience they are a lil bit steep to fix sometimes, and they dont hold up to the big blocks IMO...Ive made guys like puppypaws, retrodog, and tacoma just to name a few my mentors so to speak LOL... and yes Pugs i did bring the parts issue up with the rep when I talked to him, and he mentioned thats pretty much up with the dealer proficiency, The dealers that are close by me are in NC, in the charlotte area. I ve read that the dealers down that way are pretty up to snuff with their after sales concept so thats a plus maybe... I am gonna wait til spring to make this all happen so Ive got time. I appreciate you fellas responding, your remarks are considered.. So far whitleys down in Marion are whom Im leaning towards
  7. Razorblades

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    My Lastec with the 32 HP Generac has been great for 2 yrs now with 400 hrs (i know that's not many hrs) but it doesn't use oil and gets about 1.6 gph on fuel, which seems to be alot less than has been reported with the 34 and 37 HP Kawi's.
  8. Green King

    Green King LawnSite Senior Member
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    I did not say the current 37hp kawasaki! I was referring to the new DFI 37hp kawasaki! DIGITAL FUEL INJECTION!!!!!
  9. Richard Martin

    Richard Martin LawnSite Fanatic
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    For the little bit you'll be using the mower (an hour every week) I wouldn't let the engine be a factor in my purchase decision. Whether it's a Kawasaki, Briggs-Dihatsu, Kohler or Generac, they'll all work fine for you for years to come.
  10. Razorblades

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    If you're statement was mean't for me, I wasn't referring to your post at all. Also, I DO KNOW WHAT DFI STANDS FOR.

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