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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jebbster007, Dec 24, 2003.

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    I am starting next spring. I am putting a bid in an a apt complex and i know its a little late but i konw the GM. She wants me to get it and is helping me with the bid. I also got some mock bids off of here which help drasticaly. I will need to get a everything except a truck. The bid is about 20K. I also have about ten yards so far. I know the work well but the on my own thing is a bit tough right now. how much can i charge for annual flowers? My buddy has a nursey and he said i'll pay about 8$ per flat. Is 25 too much to charge for install ?
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    You covered a lot of things in your post. But I guess your main question is about how much you can charge for annuals - is that right?

    There is no set price as to what you can get for planting annual flowers. Some people won't pay more than $50 total. Others will pay thousands! Just make it profitable - whatever you charge. Figure out an hourly rate for yourself (plan for all costs of running a legitimate business and add a profit margin) and then try to figure out how many hours it will take you. Then add up your hourly rate x the hours + the cost of plant materials (and I recommend marking those up at least 20% as well). Then, that's your price.
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    merry xmas jim.
    thanks for the reply, i'm just nervous going out on my own. my friends and family seem to think its easy as i have worked in the field for 10 yrs, but i'm just trying to due it right. this site has helped lift loads off my mind. i would like to ask you some Qs about plowing snow. if i could call you after the new year that would be great. as you are in the north west i'm sure you could help. and well thanks for the help so far jeb nice work on the web site
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    I get pansies for 45 cents a piece. I double the price of the Pansy to almost $1 a piece, and then charge for the amount of time spent planting them.
  5. jebbster007

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    jwingfield2k thanks but how due pansies due in tx?

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    i get 25 bucks a flat for flowers and that includes install and first watering when planted after that my places take care of the rest of watering . I buy flats for 7.00 bucks wholesale but iam like you my buddy owns a greenhouse and that is where i work in winter so i get alot of great deals . I havent a clue what does well in texas plant wise but i know one thing pansies hate the heat so they thrive when its cooler outside . There is a variety of pansie called icicle that loves the cold .
  7. the scaper

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    just curious, i know i'm a little off topic but do the above prices include any kind of guarantee? installing flowers is one thing i have'nt done much of though i've turned down lots of requests. for example i've planted around my house before and had them wilt and not do very good after a while. i've been leary about the possibility of this happening with a customer and them expecting me to replace at my cost.
  8. DFW Area Landscaper

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    I used to buy the cheap 2" annuals at Home Depot & Lowe's because I felt I was getting more plants for my dollars.

    I finally figured out that the Home Depot Landscape Supply would give me a huge discount on the 4" annuals. I bought some and figured out they are MUCH better than the 2" annuals. The Pansies are also treated with a systemmic pesticide to prevent aphids...the 2" aren't. And pansies especially, at least in Texas, will look terrible if they get aphids.

    My advice: Buy the 4" annuals and nothing smaller.

    DFW Area Landscaper
  9. Kevin M.

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    Pansies do awesome here in South Carolina right on the coast during the winter months like know. We just did a job with 14 flats of pansies and 122 six inch Snap Dragons for a client and did it about two hours from start to finish including ripping out some old Begonias from the summer.
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    interesting topics guys.

    i have never offered flower plantings here. i guess it could be a good branch of the biz providing i could get them at a good rate.

    thanks for the new idea.....and good luck with your ventures jeb!

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