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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by goldenone, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. goldenone

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    My company is doing a large commercial job. There have been many delays, putting my crew months behind. The general contractor is telling me to work it out with the other subcontractors. He is also trying very hard to get us to do things not in our contract, big and little things. I don't mind helping out some, but it is getting ridiculous. I've told him that I will do some of these things, if it is on a change order and we get paid. He yells alot and tells us to do it or we will get back charged for putting the job so far behind. We have written a letter that we emailed, faxed and hand delivered stating all the things that need to get done so we can move forward on our things. He doesn't acknowledge it. Is there a process where I can backcharge the general contractor for uncontracted work and for the excess time needed to keep labor and equipment on site? Any suggestions would help. Thanks.
  2. anthonyr

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    Send the contractor an invoice. If you and your crew are sitting around waiting or what not, that's time your not working somewhere else and making money. Bill him for it. I guarantee if he gets in a situation like that with his guys, he'll bill someone for it. Anytime you are on site, make sure to invoice him. He's the General Contractor, that's what a contractor does, makes sure things get orderd, and coordinates with sub-contractors. Not your job unless your hiring out other people to do landscaping for you.:clapping:
  3. carcrz

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    Bill him for you time if you are scheduled to be working & they won't let you. You had a contract, to which he agreed to, and they are not following through w/ their end of the deal.
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    I have never in 20 years done a commerical job under a general contractor that was not a real pain. I have never been paid in a timely manner and have waited as long as 270 days for payment. I laugh when they are insulted that you won't submit a bid that is due tomorrow on bid specs recieved today. My rules are all materials paid for in full 3 days before delivery to site plus 10% of labor. I have learned every trick in the book (I hope) in dealing with the general contractors. Most don't bother me anymore unless they have run some poor guy into the ground and themselves are against the wall.

    There are several large jobs that have been completed here in the last couple of years that have yet to settle out completely. One job was completed over 3 years ago and store opened on time. One landscape contractor put all his eggs in that job and is now out of business and bankrupt. He was way over his head and dealing with some very shrewd generals. They are suing this landscaper for what amounts to breach of contract.

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    Whenever I do a job, and i have worked with GC's before and they are a pain in the arse, I put right in my bid, the above services are to performed and complete as stated, any other services to be performed other than stated will be estimated and be required to be signed off by customer for approval to go ahead. I would bill him for the extra work and wait til he pays or do what I did one time, go to his office say, "yea mike has a check for ...enter amount here....for me for the landscape work" once I have done this and they just wrote me a check, boy was the customers PISSED, but I got paid.

  6. anthonyr

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    Wow, sounds like you guy's have to deal with some real pricks!! Most G.C.'s here in montana are usually fair and honest. The ones that aren't, well, they don't last long here- old west type justice. Send them packing home to California or back east. Nobody puts up with that crap here.. Honesty is always the best policy. Can't imagine having to deal with that on a daily basis, I guess that's why montana is "THE BEST LAST PLACE".:cool2: :weightlifter: :usflag: :drinkup:
  7. o-so-n-so

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    My problem would start when HE (the GC) ask me to work it out with the other subs. You and I both know that a bunch of contractors aint gonna work out nothin with the scaper. 2nd....When the GC tried to bribe me to do extras by threatening to charge me for job delay. I would lose it......................I personal & financially couldn't handle the pressure. Probably not makin what the job is worth in the first place if was a bidding war............too much good work out there for me to go thru this kind of abuse. I wish I could give you some good advise. but I cant..Good Luck.
  8. YardPro

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    this is why we do not do large scale commercial projects....

    we have done a few small things ( wallgreens, ruby tuesdays, pizza huts, etc...)
    but anything large scale we pass on. We figure that we will let someone else put up with those headaches....

    This ties up thier people so we can have less competition in the rest of the more profitable marketplace.
  9. MJK

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    Great advice.

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