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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sgtgm5, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. sgtgm5

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    HI all,
    I was curious if any one else has a General Contrator license to expand your biz. For me this year spring has started late and no rain and all i've been doing is framing and sheet rocking. Right now at this point i'm thinking of selling my lawn equipment and doing houses. The money is rolling and with the lawn care end there is nothing but problems and problems with people trying to get ya for every nickel,..... Just wondering if any one else was doing the same
  2. JimLewis

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    I love this business and I doubt I'd jump to another trade. But I've got a pretty good handle on it.

    Hey, if you can jump into another trade that easily and still be your own boss and make good money - go for it! I have a lot of friends who are contractors in other trades. A lot of them are making good money.

    The only difference I see between my business and most other contractors (including guys who do landscape contracting and no lawn maintenance) is that I still bring in a big chunk of change every month during the winter because of our year-round lawn maintenance accounts. The construction side of our business just dies. But the maintenance side does great - all winter.

    Whereas, most other contractors I know are sitting on their butts all winter waiting for spring before they will be making money again. I like the stability that lawn maintenance provides.
  3. lawnworker

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    To answer your question yes i have a BLD. contractors license. I also have thought about going that direction but i will start out doing small remodeling, trim work, decks, int.paint ect. if i do decide to make a change. As of now I am still doing solo lawn care work . The costs VS. rewards are probably higher in other trades then lawncare work. Putting the money issue aside I might do Home Improvement contracting next year just for a change of pace in my life. I was very close to doing it this year with winter spent on building shelves, Trim jobs, painting, door repair and such. I enjoy the small jobs that take about a whole days work but yet pay well and at the end of the day I dont feel so dog tired as I do after Mowing say just four yards. I might be really burnt out on mowing i have done mowing for 15 years now. If I make the change next year I will keep about 8 of my best mowing properties for secure income and go for it and see where it leads.

    Good luck to you Lawn worker
  4. Darryl G

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    Yes, I have a home improvement contractors license because it's required for landscaping work here in CT. It's not needed for maintenance work, but is for "landscape alteration" in excess of $200. I find it funny they I just send the State my money and am licensed to do all sorts of things that I'm not qualified for (additions & renovations etc.) Other than an occasional deck sealing job, I'm sticking to lawn care & landscaping for now. I'm thinking of dropping plowing next winter and may do interior painting instead (I painted back in the mid 80's). Plowing is rough on my truck and increases insurance a lot. Depends on how my cash situations looks at the end of the season.

    sgttm - I see you're in CT also. Funny, spring seems to be running early near me this year and you're only 1/2 hour away. Also plenty of rain here and the grass needs mowing.
  5. CLM1103

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    I have a Class A State Certified General Contractors license, however, I did commercial and industrial construction in Florida and throughout the carribean for 30+ yeaars and now am enjoying the LCO business working solo. No payroll or employees!!

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