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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, May 10, 2003.

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    My blood pressure is less now than it was when I was half this age (45).
  2. Before I started mowing the kids were calling me the Pillsbury Doughboy. 12 years at a desk will do that to you. But I havn't been called that in quite a while.;)
    I don't go to the doctor often. So I don't know my blood pressure or cholesterol level. But they've always been OK.
    I did get a couple of little surgeries. One for snoring and one for carpal tunnel syndrome. But I just consider those as maintenance items.:D
    I'm 56 and can still work a 12 hour day once in a while.:blob3:

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    I am 37, no health problems prior to 3 weeks ago. I had a stroke at 6:00 pm after a full days work. No warning pain or signs of a problem. It just hit me...I lost feeling in my left arm and left side of my face. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days and had all the test run to find a cause for this stroke. All my test came out to be negative and the doctor said it was just one of those things that happen. Was back to full work mode 5 days after leaving hospital and have not changed my work habits. I can still work the younger guys down.

    Just so happen that I was working 3 blocks away from the hospital when the stroke happened. I was at the hospital within 5 min........ Yes......I have give thanks many times for that blessing.
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    I'm 47 & have been in this for 2 yrs now. The first 3 months I burned at least 25 lbs off. I'm 6'4" & weigh in at approx. 205-210. By the end of the summer I'll be skin and bone. I'll fatten myself up again by the end of Feb.

    Have had some severe joint pain problems (Got a book titled Pain Free by Pete Egoscue. If anyone is in the slightest pain and can't seem to get rid of it BUY THIS BOOK!)

    I give blood regularly and the nice ladies there say my blood pressure is always great.

    Keep a nice tan. Think all the scare tactics by the sick media are just that...fear stories to fill up time. Either you have a genetic disposition toward skin cancers or you don't. Live life and enjoy the time on earth.

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    Think you better think again about the skin cancer stuff,aint nobody in my family ever had it until my self .
    The ultraviolet light is getting stronger and stronger and the skin cancer rates are at a all time high and growing thats fact .

    I used to be nonchalont about skin cancer until i got it .Now i put on a wide brimmed hat and have the sun screen with me at all times.
    It aint that hard to take some precautions of wide brimmed hat and sun screen in fact could save your life.
    I got two 7 months old girls who mean to much to me not to take a few minutes to rub on sun screen and put on a wide brimmed hat.

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    I used to own a larger company than I do now - started when I was 14 and sold it when I was 27. My health at the time was a major reason I sold it. My last year saw me in the hospital 4 times. My weight was down to about 130 from 180.

    Why? Stress. A growing business and the HR and cash flow pains that came with it, accidents and theft of equipment and the insurance problems, long, long hours and a very poor diet (lived out of drive through windows, donuts and bars) and no other activities in my life to give me balance.

    This time around, I keep greater control on the elements that cause stress - I limit my client base and I do this as a suppliment to my government career. I have fun with it and its a good contrast to being in an office during the day. I also bike, kayak, ski and sail to ensure a healthy balanced lifestyle.

    Just some ideas on maintaining health to share.
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    38 yrs. old

    The walk behind has already taken off almost 10 LBS this season. I'm down to 180 and looking forward to 170. :cool:

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