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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Tapr Lawn Care, May 26, 2008.

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    hi guys, I'm loving business this year, it's really picking up for me. However I still have many questions on lawn maintenance that I know you pros have the answer for.

    1. I am curious what you guys charge for grass fertilizing service. I spring fertilized a lawn using 2 bags of C-I-L golf green ferilizer, and this job took me one hour. I am happy to say the grass looks great although I haven't charged for the service yet, I wondered what you would charge for what I have done?

    2. I have a customer that wants to put top soil on some exposed tree roots, I think this would be ok and not kill the tree, am i right?

    3. Another customer, has about 100 square feet of yard where they would like the grass to start growing, last year i put down seed and a lot of top soil but it's not doing very well, mostly the weeds have taken over. It's a rather shady area but I know the grass can grow there. Should I use a grass that can grow in shady areas? or maybe a fertilizer? I don't want to spend too much on this but I would like it to grow.
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    I don't know what people expect but someone in a 500-600k house asked me to give them a price on fertilizing and grub control.I measured lawn with my rolling stick and it came out to about 35000 sq ft. So I figured everything on the 20000 sq ft bag.Fertilizer came to $90 with tax and grub killer came to $107 with tax.I added 2hr labor @ $45/hr---$90.So I rounded up to $300 per application.I called her with the price of $300 per application and she asked if that was for 3 applications.Apparently she does not know her prices.

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