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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by cutting image, Oct 21, 2010.

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    I am new to the whole site and also to zero tunrs in general so I just bought a little older Z master and was wondering not knowing when it has last been serviced should I go ahead and change all the fluids in the mower oil and filter and also hydro oil and filter. I already did all the grease points on the mower so is there anything else I should do to have peace of mind and change so I can get it on a schedule. Any thought or imput will be helpful as again I am new to this whole thing
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    I have a Toro Z master that I bought new.Oil and filters are a lot cheaper than a engine. I would use a clean pan and look at the oil when you drain it to see if it is dark or has metal in it. I would also check the Air and fuel filters. Hydro fluid can go a long time without a change but I do mine every 100 hours.
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    DO a "year end" tune up on it. Plugs, oil, filter, air filter, hydro oil, belts, sharp blades, grease every fitting, and maybe a little bit of lucas fuel treatment just in case. I put 1/4 of a bottle per 5 gallon fuel can 3 times a year. Same for the mix gas.

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