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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Restrorob, May 1, 2005.

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    I made this post due to a couple threads I read and a experience I had this week.
    A commercial user brought in a $2000 Wacker 3" trash pump,Less than a year old He said it wouldn't prime and was leaking water out the back. I did a teardown and ordered the parts needed for the pump repair. Upon completion I checked the oil (which is done before any start-up) I found no oil !
    I found oil that looked like tar and just did touch the bottom of the dipstick.
    This is a Honda GX340 with oil alert,I tried to drain what was in there out before adding new oil and it was so thick it wouldn't drain.I called the customer with what I found; Oil alert disconnected and oil condition,I gave him a estimate to clean the engine out which would probably make the alert work again. He got Irate and hung up on me,The estimate was less than 30.00 including oil.

    This is My point; If you do General Maintenance and take care of your equipment it will take care of you !
    And Please don't get upset with your local repair stations, Most of us are there to help you get the most life out of your equipment !

    Needless to say this customer picked his pump up as was.

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    So, did he pay you for the work that you had done?

    Also, I assume from your posts that you are currently in business and not just posting about things in the distant past.
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    Yes he did pay for the pump repair, And the pump was dropped off Wednesday morning this week,I placed the parts order before Noon and had them shipped second day air,As I do with all my commercial Users (most can't afford down time) The parts came in late friday evening,I reassembled it yesterday morning and made the call around 10:00am.
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    So, what does he plan on doing with the equipment? From the way you talk about it, sounds like he's not going to get much further with it before he locks up or blows the engine. Did you make it clear that you will not be liable for the engine blowing up since he didn't want to have the service done?
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    Most Definitely ! I performed the requested repair on the pump and informed him of the other problem,He chose not to have further repairs done therefore its out of my hands ! The problem was listed on his copy of the repair invoice which in turn was entered in my database for abused equipment. Should he return when it blows up and screams warranty I will print out a copy of his invoice show it to him and send him packing.
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    "I do not need no stinking oil alert!" :dizzy:

    Two days after he told me that he need a new "skinking" engine. payup

    When will people learn?

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