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    I purchased a used Sentar back in the fall with 775 hours on it and have been using it on my properties this spring. It is a truly awesome mower and I am enjoying it. I have a question on service intervals for the engine oil and hydraulic oil. The service manual says change oil every 100 hours and engine oil filter every 200. Is this correct? It seems a little high to me, but I tend to baby my equipment. Also, the manual says to change hydraulic oil seasonally. Shouldn't there be an hour interval? I am only working 10-15 yards a week and a commercial guy will be putting tons more hours than that. My seasonal and his seasonal are going to be totally different concerning hours and wear. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    The engine oil recommendations are right out of the Kawasaki engine manual, and Kawasaki is strict with their maintenence schedule. There is nothing wrong with following a shorter oil change interval. By using Mobil 1 synthetic oil in the hydro system, it is technically a lifetime fluid if the system stays intact with no problems. The only call out is to change the filter every 200 to 300 hrs. or at least anually, and top off for any spillage.

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    Thank you.

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