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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by newsod, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. newsod

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    Hello all, I have recently installed new sod as our old turf was killed by the infamous Roundup. I just have a question regarding watering the sod with Rainbird.

    My installer asked me to water the new sod for 3-5 hours (High 90's temp). Problem is that I have been doing this manually using the control box outside and I will not be able to turn it off as I will not be home. So I fear the risk of over watering and I can't turn the water on when I come home because I do not want to take a chance with the hot temperature. I know the rainbird can water the zones one by one but is there any way to water multiple zones at the same time?

    I know the program ABC are not run individually but will run on the same time. Can someone explain to me how to setup the programs so at least 2 zones run at the same time?

    Also any tips on when to water? I have been doing it around 12pm to 5pm because that is when the heat really hits the grass(little to no shade). Ideally, I would like to water once if the temperature was under 80 and twice if it was 90 or above. Again I do not know if that is ideal or not. Im asking for advice! Thanks.

    (Sorry for the lengthy post)

  2. Sprinkus

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    3 to 5 hours?! What is your location and what type of sprinklers are they?
  3. newsod

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    Yep because the humidity and temperature is about 100 right now. The installer said 3-5 hrs this week or until the temperature goes to around 80 then its about 1-3 hrs a day. As for the sprinkler type, Some of them are broken but the ones in the vital areas are fine. There are the ones that rotate a certain amount of degrees and repeat that arc. Location is Illinois
  4. newsod

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    I'm just basing this off an assumption, would I just set for example zone 1 to run at 4am on program A and zone 2 to run at 4am on program B. My front yard consists of 3 zones, with the 3rd zone just watering the flowerbed and does not water any other part of the lawn. Would that work?
  5. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    Why and the hell would you install new sod and not have all of the irrigation system working correctly before hand, especially in that kind of weather? :hammerhead:
  6. newsod

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    I mean it looks broken but its just a head that sprays a small radius around it. Meaning it does rotate. Its just a head that has a constant "fountain" of water that covers a circular shape around it. Not like a stream that a rotary type sprinkler. There are like 3 broken heads but they are not watering the new sod so its not an issue.
  7. Sprinkus

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    ESP "stacks" programs so entering the same start time in PGM A and PGM B will not let you run two stations at the same time.
    Is the system even capable of running two zones at once?
    What type of grass are you trying to establish?
    How many zones are in the new grass areas?
    Are you not able to have multiple start times with shorter run times?
    I've recently established new Bermuda grass in 100 degree temps with an early morning start, an afternoon start, and an early evening start with rotor run times of 20 minutes. Bear in mind that the rotor zones I am dealing with are properly designed and I was onsite the whole time it was being established (24/7).
  8. newsod

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    That is the system I have.

    The grass is most likely Kentucky Bluegrass however Im not certain.

    I have 8 zones total with 7 of the zones having new sod in them.

    I could set the rainbird to run multiple times a day however my landscaper STRESSES(More like commands) to water the sod for at least 2 hrs in the front and back.

    It would be worthwhile to mention that 30% of total grass in the front is yellowing so maybe that is why my landscaper stresses the long water times?
    The grass is not dead yet, assuming brown to be dead.

    Some of the rotor zones may need to be re-adjusted however its not much of an issue, ie a rotary head that should cover 180 degrees does a full 360. Again I am no expert on lawn care or irrigation systems. It has been almost a full week, (5 days) since sod has been installed.
  9. GreenLight

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    You basically need to forget about running two zones at once. There is a 99% chance that you don't have the pressure to run more than one zone at a time on a residential system (there are occasional exceptions, but it's pretty rare). As for the rest of the stuff you posted, there is simply way to much flawed logic to address and im not saying that to be insulting, but it's just reality.
  10. newsod

    newsod LawnSite Member
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    If you mean that each sprinkler receives water and actually waters the lawn, then yes I do have enough pressure. I have been manually turning on 3 zones at a time from the control box located outside the house. I got up to 4 zones at a time but a few sprinklers kept hissing, which I assumed that it was barely receiving enough water to spray. I would turn on my front lawn, and then the right side of the house all at one time.

    If the system I have does not run zones side by side then there is nothing else to ask. I was just wondering because it would make my investment more secure knowing that I can water each zone enough until this dam heatwave dies down. I did check the rainbird FAQS and there was an article that mentioned that programs work side by side. I didn't know they queued up

    That is the article. I was curious if I set zone 1 at 6am on program a and zone 2 at 6am on program b, if they would both turn on at the same time because they are set to start at the same time.

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