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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by johndeeregreen, Feb 22, 2004.

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    Welp guys, Im ready to start making money this summer. A friend and I have started up a lawn business for this summer. We put out about 700 flyers a week. We put our first set of 700 out last week, got 2 calls. I'm hoping to get about 25-30 lawns for the whole summer. Seeing if any of you guys are in this business, if so, how do you get your business? As far as equipment, I have the big Z, a small 4 wheeler trailer, 3 self propelled lawn mowers, 3 weedeaters, 2 blowers (one gas, one electric = the electric also picks up grass/leaves and bags it) 2 gask tanks, a craftsman riding lawnmower if we really need it.

    The format for our flyers is similar to this:


    C&G Lawn Services mows,
    blows, bags,rakes, weedeats,
    and edges, or anything else you

    -Just Call-

    Should I make any changes to it or to the whole thing? Be honest guys because I want to know people reactions when they pull it off their mailbox. I appreciate yalls time in reading, and your comments.

    later guys,

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    Hi griffin,

    Keep letting people know you are in business. Word of mouth will help you grow. Drop flyers off at the houses surrounding your current customers to promote even more.
    Best of luck and don't give up :)
  3. johndeeregreen

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    my plan is to put out 700 flyers a week from now until may. I started about 2 weeks ago and have picked up 1 lawn.

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