General Yard Maintenance question (leaf blowers/grass catcher)

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by stoshly, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. stoshly

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    Ok I've been living in my house for 3yrs now and I've never felt like I've gotten my lawn in great shape. Last year I bought a Scag freedom Z and I love it, it does a great job of mowing and has cut my time by about 2/3's. However every year during spring and fall I grapple with how to clean up my yard. I have MANY large oaks on the property and assorted terrain from lush grass to hilly/weedy/sandy slopes.

    I'm at the point where I'm going to purchase some type of leaf blower but with 3 acres to maintain I'm not sure what to get. I've been leaning towards a larger backpack mounted unit because if their many uses, however with all acreage I started thinking of a little wonder. Thing is when I get into the price range of a little wonder blower would it just be better for me to get a bagger for my Scag?

    Any recommendations? Where the the heck do I start?
  2. White Gardens

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    You have many valid issues on the subject.

    At the bear minimum, I would buy a large back-pack blower. Echo, Stihl, etc... Go with a larger unit and you might not need a walk-behind blower.

    A bagger is good to have in general. Any factory kit though has it limitation with capacity. A pull behind after market bagger might be the best option if the quantity of leaves is enormous.

    So, that is my recommendation.

    What do you do with the leaves after they've been picked up??
  3. stoshly

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    Dump them on my property in the woods.

    I'm actually seriously considering the Makita 7600 blower. I have their string trimmer and love it.

    Aside from capacity is there any other reason why I should shy away from a SCAG bagger system? I like that fact that it will be more compact for storage etc. than a pull behind system. Also the maintenance will be minimal compared to a pull behind system.

    BTW thanks for talking this out with me. The picture is becoming clearer.... :)
  4. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Check in to a Cyclone Rake for leaf removal......not sure how much you want to invest ....but they are well worth the money and do a great job... not to mention it folds flat and takes up little room
  5. stoshly

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  6. White Gardens

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    If it was me, I would have spent the money on this monster.

    The air volume and air speed makes the Makita look like a toy.

    I'm not even sure who makes the blowers for Makita, but I've never heard anyone complain about them, so you probably made a good choice.
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  7. jlawnman

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    I have a br 600... I plan on purchasing another one this season. Wouldn't consider anything else
  8. grass_cuttin_fool

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    They are made by Robin or I should say that Robin ,Makita and one more brand are produced by 1 company and marketed under 2-3 names
  9. stoshly

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    Wow that does seem like a lot for the price although it was slightly more than I would have liked to spend.
  10. Dreams To Designs

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    You will be disappointed with the Makita blower. A large blower like the Stihl BR600, Red Max 8000 or Echo's monster would be much more appropriate for the size property you wish to maintain. The suggestion of a Cyclone Rake, in addition to a large backpack would reduce your cleanup time by at least the same degree your new mower has with cutting the lawn. The backpack moves the leaves out into the open while the cyclone will pick them up, grind them down and allow you to spread them through the wooded areas as mulch. Having been ground by the Cyclone will also allow the leaves to break down much more quickly into wonderful compost.


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