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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SSmith, Nov 27, 2004.

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    When you guy started out did you sit and down and map out a plan for your business?? How did you map it out? Did you do it year by year and put down how many customers you wanted per year or did you put it in terms of dollars and cents?? How does your business today compare to the model you made? Did you find by creating a model that you were motivated more to meet that goal? Thanks.
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    when I first started out I didn't have a model at all, but now I have a business plan that I update every year
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    I am preparing to go full time next year and so far I've written a business plan using Microsofts small office business tools, I am now rewriting/tweaking business plan with a plan model downloaded from website.

    I've also explored websites like, our state(Iowa) sec.of state website, small business administration website. Talked with and gotten additional info from our CPA, attorney,the state pesticide bureau (if you plan to offer fert you will need to be certified), insurance agent, and numerous lawn care and landscape maintenance equipment dealers. I have stopped short of acquiring my business degree with a concentration in marketing, but at this time I would rather put all energy and focus into getting business solid, to this I would suggest that although a degree is not a requirement, exposure to business classes will certainly help, check out the website these are usually retired business people that donate time in helping others start a new business. They have chapters all over and are IMO an excellent generally free resource.

    Need to note at this point pay attention to what a lot of these guys are talking about on this site, they are the ones out doin this day in and day out and I'm sure you will find that if you have any questions you will find qualified answers from folks willing to help and wanting to see you succeed.

    tiedeman makes an absolutely relevant point in that just having a business plan is really not enough, treat it as a living document that can be updated every so often as your business grows and your needs dictate.

    As Red Green would say " remember, we're all in this togethor, I'm pullin for ya"

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    No plans just a bunch of bills and a baby on the way. So my goal was to not go bankrupt and make enough money to pay for everything that needed paying for. Now i did develope a plan and worked toward it and it seems to becoming together nicely.

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    Thanks for the info. guys. I'm in a unique situation where I'm gonna come into the business with my father, who is doing this part time, and turn it into a full time gig. I am blessed to already have access to all of the equipment (52 in. ZTR for instance), an existing customer base, and a knowledgeable person to learn from first hand. I'm sure a lot of you guys didn't have any of these things and had to learn as you go. I'm in a position where I can hit the ground running and really focus on expanding the business in all facets. I do have many business classes under my belt, but I did not graduate college. I have been a successful salesperson for 5 years and am hoping to apply that to this biz. I am also extremely interested in getting involved with the design aspects of landscaping (The really big jobs....commercial...high end customers) because there really isn't much competiton in that area in this part of Ohio. I've hit these boards hard the past few days when I finally decided I was gonna quit my day job and go at this full time. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm a quick learner. Thanks for all of the advice....I'm sure I'll be seeking a lot more.

    I'm also a huge Red Green fan.....He also shares my name, Steve Smith.

    "I'm a man, and I can change. If I have to. I guess...."
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