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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by andygold, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. andygold

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    Just bought a 5500 Watt generator with a 10 HP Robin/Subaru engine. In the owner's manual it specifies that one must break in the engine according to the instructions provided in the separate engine manual. You guessed it...there's no instructions at all in the engine I'm left with some questions. FYI...This unit is not going to be used commercially just yet, so it can be broken in in whatever manner it needs before being put into full use.

    How does one break in a generator?

    Do I just run it flat out (no throttle control provided) for some specific amount of hours?

    Do you need to break in the generator/electricity producing side of the unit (as opposed to the engine itself )?

    Do I need to have an electric load on the generator during the break in?
    Will it do any harm to have the generator running without a load attached (can current back-up into the electricals and cause some damage if there is nothing electrical attached to it...sorry if that's an ignorant question...electricity is not my thing)?

    At what point should the oil be changed if there is a break in required? Manual says first change should be at 50 hours of normal operation this seems kind of long to me.

    Anyone switch over to synthetic oil? And if so, at how many hours?
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    We do the "Break-in" oil change on all our new rental equipment at 10 hrs. then every 50 after.

    There is nothing to break-in on the generator end and running no load will not hurt a thing, But I wouldn't just let it sit there and run with out using it either.

    If you plan on switching to synthetic wait until 75/100 hrs. to give the rings time to break-in and seat.

    In other words, Fire it off and use it about 10 hrs. change the oil and keep going.
  3. andygold

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    Thanks for the info!!!!!

    Just many hours should a generator (electrical side) last (not sure of the brand of the generator side though)?

    I'm told that the generator will probably fail before the engine this typically correct? And, is the generator side usually repairable, or is the whole thing pretty much a throw away?
  4. mini14

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    it will all depend on use and abuse, if it has brushes, they can be replaced, but most modern gensets are brushless..a gen with idle control is well worth the money..
  5. Restrorob

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    The biggest problem I see is people running cheesy $10.00 100ft extension cords and trying to run too much load thus burning them up.
    If you run a extension cord use as short as possible and the larger the wire the better.
  6. SLR

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    people running cheesy $10.00 100ft extension cords and trying to run too much load thus burning them up.
    Learning something every other day THX Restrorob!
  7. MowerMedic77

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    I have a plumbing company that does this all the time. They run the generator out by the truck and plug in a couple of the above mentioned cheesy cords with multi-plex heads and then plug in multiple tools from there.
    They have such a large turn over that I no longer bother to tell them not to do it, since I could tell the crew this week and next month its all new guys:dizzy: .

    I will just keep fixing and putting the $$$$$$$$$$ in a safe place:laugh:

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